How to Avoid Common Problems with Well Water

Well Water

The average home can use hundreds of gallons of water a day. Think about all the dishes and clothes you wash and all the showers you take. During the summer you can use even more as you fill the pool, wash your car, and water your lawn. This makes it disastrous for any home that loses its power, especially if the power outage lasts a day or more. Many homes have turned to well water to make sure that they always have a source of fresh water on hand. As an added bonus, most people with wells say they prefer the taste of the water to that of city water. However, wells require added work to maintain, and you have to constantly be vigilant that the water source isn’t contaminated. If your well is pumped electrically, you’ll also need hand well pumps to be able to access your water during a power outage.

Maintaining Your Well

If properly cared for, a good well can last for decades. It won’t stay in shape on its own, however, and will need frequent examination and maintenance to give you the highest-quality water. Ideally, you should have your well inspected annually by a licensed professional. He will check to see if the water output is normal and make sure there are no problems in the pump, storage tank, or water lines. Part of this is making sure that everything is sanitary and up to code. He will also perform a water test to check for any possible contaminants. These usually arrive through the soil and are often tasteless, so you may not even notice there’s something wrong with your water. In general, you can avoid most contaminants by keeping hazardous materials like fertilizer, paint, and pesticides far away from your well. You should also do periodic inspections of your well to make sure there are no cracks where contaminants might run in from the surface.

Power Outages

Some people are surprised to learn that power outages affect homes with wells just as much as they affect those with city water. Pumps that are running on a generator won’t be affected, but any pump using electricity to power the pump’s motor will fail to work just like everything else. If you have a well, it’s good to be prepared for this possibility, since power outages can occur to anyone at any time of the year. Hand well pumps are relatively inexpensive and are often simple enough that you can install them yourself. They are available for both deep and shallow wells, so you can always have access to water no matter what the situation.

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2 thoughts on “How to Avoid Common Problems with Well Water

  1. Thanks for telling me that the contaminants that I’m tasting in my water could be caused by a problem with my water pump. I’m guessing that this problem should be addressed by an expert since my pump is relatively new. I just received my water pump last month, and since this has been happening for a week already, it may be time to call someone for help.

    1. You’re absolutely right, it’s always best to consult with an expert when it comes to addressing issues with your water pump, especially if it’s relatively new. They will have the expertise and knowledge to diagnose and fix the problem. It’s a good decision to call for professional help since the problem has persisted for a week. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a qualified technician who can assess and resolve the issue promptly.

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