What is Pectin?

What is Pectin?

Pectin is one of the most important substances in jams and jellies. But what is pectin?

You know what viscous gel form of jams and jellies? This is the pectin. Pectin is a natural complex carbohydrates, which is found in all plant cell walls. However, the amount of pectin changes from plant to plant. Pectin is by the French chemist and pharmacist, in this year 1825 Henry · Braconnot, separation. He even described its usefulness and performance. Shortly after isolation, taken by the manufacturer and the Food and Drug use. This gives a kick start pectin productivity and consumption.

Pectin is Found Where?

Was found between the plant cell wall and pectin. Function in the cell wall, pectin is to regulate the flow of water between cells and to the rigidity of the cell. It is mainly in non-woody parts of plants such as fruit. Pectin depends on as part of any species, cultivar, plant the fruit begins to mature plant, mature, growth, structure, and pectin in the fruit began to break, the fruit is soft. Let us look at an example of Apple’s. Apple, if a long time to keep crisp crisp crisp lost, and get mushy and soft. This indicates that the cell wall rigidity loss of pectin enzyme action has been broken.

Source of Pectin

As we discussed in the previous one, pectin found in plant cell walls. The amount of pectin is very high in citrus fruits and beans. About 55-65% of the citrus fruits in dietary fiber pectin. The high pectin fruits are apples, grapefruit, oranges, apricots, cranberries, plum, quince, currant and red currant. Bananas, beets, potatoes, carrots and cabbage, there are a lot of pectin.

How to Extract Pectin?

Pectin is found in the peel of the fruit and citrus fruits, its content is very high. Therefore, pectin manufacturing enterprises taken from Apple or Orange juice manufacturers. They are dried and crushed to powder form. Previously, Pectin, sold in liquid form, but later it was made into powder form in order to increase its shelf life. It is tasteless, it is widely used as a thickener products in a wide range of products too.

The Benefits of Pectin

Pectin is used in many recipes and health benefits. To identify the points given in the following uses and benefits of pectin.

1. The chemical nature of pectin, making it an excellent gelling, thickening substance. It is a good bond with the water, and the formation of a gel. For this reason, it is always in industrial yogurt, cakes, jelly, ketchup, jam and other organic pectin and pectin high demand is very common in a lot of pectin recipe.

2. It is considered to be the best of people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea. It acts as a thickener in the intestine and stomach upset, heartburn and constipation of many drugs.

3. It is used in some cough drops coating helps to relieve throat irritation and throat of the pectin layer.

4. Pectin is called to reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, so it is recommended for heart patients too.

5. Stimulate the immune system regulation of insulin, wound healing and other benefits of some of the pectin. It has also been used in many cosmetics, hair moisturizing.

6. Now you know what is pectin, can be included in your diet and enjoy its benefits. If you have allergies pectin, then use the alternatives contain pectin, such as agar, gelatin, cassava products as a thickener.

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