What to Do with Shoe Boxes – Creative and Useful Ideas

Shoeholics are usually women. They have an entire wardrobe to store their sandals, boots, trainers, wedges, high-heel seasonal hits and flat daily shoes. With so many shoes, storage solution is difficult and with so many shoes shoe boxes are too many, as well. Though, women are those people with creative mind and practical arrangements and ideas for home, too. So, somehow, if they succeed in managing the household and keeping the living environment always neat and lovely, the unceasing shoe purchases may be forgiven. So, dear shoe-lovers, let us give you another hint to be decent housekeeper and fashionable icon at once.

Check out these creative and useful ideas and see what to do with shoe boxes:

  • Make a book shelf – all you need is a pair of shoe boxes and a little bit imagination. Joint them together, decorate with style and hang in your teen kid’s room. For sure, they will love your craft, because today’s children really love original and artistic things.
  • Declutter your kitchen supplies for less than a penny – the more spices, jars, packs and products you have, the more shoes you should buy and use them as a superwoman’s mystery box, where all the cooking secrets are hidden!
  • Memory box – or even the Pandora’s box. It may sound to you a bit childish, but once you do it, you will love the idea. Just gather all of your old letters, photos, souvenirs and gifts and keep them safely – away from dust and from prying eyes!
  • Jewelry organizer – keep the earrings in a box from your summer sandals, because it is the least. Find the box from your leather high boots, drive in hooks and hang your necklaces. Bracelets may be easily stored in a sweetly decorated top of a shoe box.
  • Packing – save the shoe boxes in advance! You will never know when you will leave your present house. Gathering your personal belongings in shoe boxes is the best and the most classical idea for managing this task. Have it solved in advance and save some time for thinking how to deal with the end of tenancy cleaning later.
  • Earn some money – as a matter of fact, do you actually know that your shoe boxes cost real money! In UK people give money for shoe boxes to store their own things and manage the removal. Gather all of your shoe boxes, sell them and get a new pair of shoes!

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Feeling better, right? Keep walking in new shoes and don’t forget to reuse the boxes!

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