What to Eat for Stronger Teeth

They always say that the best impression is the smile. Healthy teeth are a important asset to your image and health. If you have weak and brittle teeth, then that prevents your from having a healthy smile and from eating certain foods.

Many want to know how to get strong teeth. The tings we eat and drink is what damages the enamel of the tooth. Acid erosion is the cause of of weaker teeth. The acid from juices, sugary drinks, sodas and foods eats away at the enamel. To avoid acid erosion it is impossible because no one is going to just stop eating and limit their selves to just drinking water.

Good thing is there are natural foods you can eat to make your teeth strong. A healthy diet and nutrition is essential for protection against illnesses and certain diseases.

Stronger Teeth Foods

Teeth are bones as most of you know. They need calcium to stay strong. Your teeth depend on this essential mineral. especially during the early years. According to William Kuttler, DDS, a dentist in private practice in Dubuque, Iowa, says “Calcium-rich foods are extremely important”. Calcium fortifies the bone that supports teeth so they don’t loosen over time. Adding more dairy foods in your diet is the best protection.

A glass of low-fat milk contains 300 milligrams of calcium, or about 30 percent of the Daily Value (DV) for this mineral. Eight ounces of low-fat and fat-free plain yogurt contains 448 milligrams and 488 milligrams. You get a smaller amount from reduced-fat cheeses and green leafy vegetables, including turnip greens, bok choy, and curly endive. You need just calcium for great dental health.

Vitamins D,C, and A is important for your pearly whites because lack of it leads to bone loss and gum disease. Get vitamin D from drinking milk. You body uses vitamin C to make collagen, a tough protein fiber that keeps the gums strong.

Cooked broccoli is a good source, it contains 58 milligrams of calcium, or 97 percent of the daily value.

A navel orange has 80 milligrams, or 133 percent of DV and a cantaloupe has 34 milligrams, and 57 percent of DV.

Vitamin A is used to from dentin, a layer of bone-like material just beneath the surface of the teeth. Vitamin A foods are sweet potatoes, half a cup is 21,000 IU of vitamin A. That is four times the daily value. Kale, carrots, and most yellow-orange winter squashes are other great sources.

Tip: A safe and natural way to whiten teeth is to use some baking soda while brushing your teeth. Just sprinkle some onto your toothbrush before applying toothpaste.

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6 thoughts on “What to Eat for Stronger Teeth

  1. The stomach requires high levels of stomach acid to absorb calcium. Due to the alkalizing effect of milk in the stomach, we are able to absorb little to no calcium from milk. Many nutritionists, doctors, and naturopaths know this, yet people keep pushing milk as a great calcium-rich nutritional food. It is not.

  2. Eating healthy food definitely contributes to good oral health. It is important to eat right, brush twice a day, floss every day, and receive regular dental care. These things will ensure good oral health.

  3. Good diet will help you maintain your teeth foods that are rich in vitamin c and d will help you maintain good set of teeth that will last.

  4. What a wonderful article. Chosen food and fruit are for health, also a contributor to bad breath too..

  5. I didn’t know that yogurt is so good for teeth! I’m trying to improve my oral health, so I’m looking for healthy habits to start practicing. Thanks for the helpful article, I will keep your tips in mind, and I have an appointment next week with a dentist.

  6. Really great tips – of course, it is also good to limit your sugar intake to help prevent the development of cavities.

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