Why You Should Carefully Select The Pickle Jars

Why You Should Carefully Select The Pickle Jars

Pickles are a delicacy that is made all around the world. Some people make it with fruits whereas some people use vegetables. Whatever the ingredients may be, it is a famous recipe and liked by all. For making pickles various equipment is required which includes one of the most important one, which is a pickle jar.

Pickle jars and bottles were introduced in the year 1860 and since then have undergone a lot of changes. Earlier the jars had different base shape. Also gothic style jars and bottles were more popular. Glass was popular during that period too. Different colored glasses were used in the manufacturing of pickle jars. Even today the antique pickle jars are available in antique stores, internet biddings and auctions. They can be purchased as collectibles or for storing pickles.

Pickle jars are used to store the pickles. The fruit or the vegetable that is to be pickled is cooked. It is placed in the pickle jars and the brine mixture is poured on it. This is the procedure which is followed while making pickles. These jars are then stored in a cool, dry and dark place for about a month. Later the pickle can be eaten from these jars. The pickle jar is one of the most important utensils that are used in the process of pickling.

About half liter or 1 liter jars are used in storing pickle generally. They make a great container for pickling. The material used for making pickle jars also differs. The most common material used in making jars is glass. Glass jars have wide mouths and hence the processes of filling and emptying the jar contents are easy. Also the contents of the jars can be viewed without any difficulty. These glass jars have plastic or metal band lids which are very to open and close. Also they are air tight which helps in preserving the pickle for a longer time. These lids are easy to clean and hence prevent any possible contamination.

Plastic jars are also available for the same purpose. However they are not as popular as the glass ones. These jars may cause the pickle to smell just like the plastic. Also, disfiguration or cracks or contents getting spilled are the common problems with these jars. Hence, the plastic pickle jars are not widely used.

Metal jars or bottles must never be used for storing pickles. A reaction might be caused between the pickle and the metal. It may cause spoiling of the pickle which renders it useless. For the fermenting and brining method of pickle making, enamel wares, plastic containers and glass jars may be used. But metal and enamel ware should not be used in case of other methods as they may prove to be dangerous.

Pickle jars are very important as the life and the goodness of the pickle depends upon the jars. Glass jars with plastic lids are the best candidates. Hence, while making pickles, careful selection of the jars is a must.

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