Window Treatments You Can Sew

Window Treatments You Can Sew

How to choose the best type of window treatments for your home. Five rules to follow if you want the best results.

It is a great challenge, but nevertheless a fun one, to choose the window treatments for your home. There is no end to the kinds of window treatments you have to choose among. You may only be upgrading your current window treatments, or you may be doing a complete redecorating project, but in either case you should follow these five rules.

Rule Number 1.

Understand the style of the windows you will be covering. Make sure you know the architectural features of the window because this will determine what types of window treatments you can use.

Rule Number 2.

Make sure the treatment you choose goes the use the room will be put to. In a bathroom, for example, the window treatment has to be able to be exposed to dampness and moisture on a consistent basis. You wouldn’t put the same formal drapes in a child’s room that you would in your dining room.

Rule Number 3.

The size of the window is one of the most important considerations. Small windows should have the rod installed above the trim to make them look larger. You can even hang them up by the ceiling to achieve the look of a tall window. Large windows can be scaled down if you stick to a simple decorating style. Tall windows should not have long panels that will only emphasize this. You can cut the Lent through the use of valances or swags.

Rule Number 4.

Stay within your budget. Ready made window treatments are cheaper than custom made, and of course, home made are the cheapest of all, if you have the talent. But it is important to recognize how much you can spend so you do not end up with the job half done.

Rule Number 5.

Consider how you will have to take care of the window treatments. Custom window treatments usually have to be custom removed and cleaned from time to time. If you cannot cope with this burden, you will be better off with less expensive washable window treatments.

You can still have a lot of fun while you are decorating your windows. Don’t be overwhelmed; just take these tips to heart and you can have the best window treatments you can afford.

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