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Bath Tea


A recipe for a refreshing, fragrant bath.

Stress Soak Bath Recipe


After a frigid afternoon or a high-stress day at work, nothing beats a warm bath to restore both your body and mind. But instead of sitting in a boring tub with no frills, why not design an aromatherapy experience like no other by adding essential oils? Cue some soft music and get ready to relieve whatever ails you.

Rosemary Sea Salt Body Scrub

rosemary sea salt body scrub

This homemade body scrub is designed to invigorate and exfoliate the skin.  These natural ingredients are good for all skin types but is especially beneficial to acne prone, or tired aging skin.

How to Create a Purifying Bath


The practice of purifying baths is thousands of years old. We don’t know then this practice began, but cultures and religions around the world still use purifying baths. It isn’t necessary to travel to some exotic location or to be dunked in the local river or baptistery. You can make your own purifying bath right at home.

Make a Scentsational Luxury Christmas Bath Soak


Christmas is coming , and surely there’s nothing sweeter than a handmade gift. Edibles are always well received , but if you’re anything like me you stuff yourself like a turkey in December anyway, so I thought I’d focus on a few, slightly more original, non edible gift ideas over the next few weeks- which naturally smell great too!

Foot Bath Recipes


Foot baths are really easy to prepare and beneficial for simply relaxing or for helping all kinds of problems. You can use a foot bath machine or simply a large bowl and add water, a few ingredients from the kitchen and/or aromatherapy to aid your feet. Below you will find a few suggestions for different recipes to work on various foot ailments.

How To Create Terrific Bath Bombs In Your Home With This Recipe


Bath bombs are a excellent accessory for making any bath time a pleasurable event. They are effortless to make since the substances can usually uncovered in your kitchen and do not call for much time to make. Some straightforward bath bomb recipes are as follows:

Herbal Baths For Health And Beauty


Herbal baths not only smell good, but also perform the important function of soothing and hydrating the skin, leaving it looking and feeling younger. Not to mention the broad range of health benefits.

Do-It-Yourself Homemade Herbal Milk Baths


As stay at home mothers, we spend almost all of our waking hours taking care of the children, cleaning the home, preparing meals and doing the family errands. When was the last time that you did something relaxing just for yourself? If you had to pause for a moment to think about your answer, then it has been too long.

If you have been neglecting yourself for the sake of everyone else in your life, I would like to suggest that you set aside 30 minutes of “me’ time for yourself every evening. During this ‘me’ time, you can take a nice bath and read a good book or magazine.

I would like to share a few homemade herbal milk bath recipes with you that only take a few minutes to prepare and are inexpensive to make.

Washing Tips For Your Feet


How to clean your feet properly.