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Preschool Easy Crafts – Fall Leaf Crafts


It’s that colorful time of year again! Fall is a great time to go outside with your preschooler and explore nature. Freshly fallen leaves can be used in a variety of easy craft activities. Use these easy preschool fall crafts to create and learn with your preschooler or toddler. Here are three preschool easy crafts for you to enjoy!

Kids Play – Get Creative with Baking Soda


To unleash creativity and encourage scientific inquiry, it’s important to stimulate a child’s mind with exploration and play. Often, this is as simple as turning to your own kitchen cupboards.

Soap Bubble Art

512px-Bubble_wrap_Miika Silfverberg

Soap Bubble Art is fun for kids and easy for parents! Use your child’s artwork as notepaper, party thank-yous, or just to decorate your walls.

Play Clay Recipes – Homemade Clay Made Simple


This quick basic recipe is very easy to make and to use. It is soft and pliable for little hands to work with ease. Color, scent, and even glitter can be added to the recipe to make more interesting clay creations.

Bubble Recipe Secrets – Ten Tips and Techniques to Making Super Bubbles

bubble-Serge Melki

Making and blowing bubbles with your kids is one of the most carefree pastimes imaginable – giggles guaranteed! And yet, blowing bubbles without knowing these simple bubble recipe secrets can turn your bubble fun into a “bust”! With these simple bubble recipe secrets, making super-sized long-lasting bubbles is a cinch.

Bubble Blowing Recipes that will Blow the Kids Away!


I bet you haven’t given this blowing bubble activity any thought as a child party activity? I’m not talking about little kids blowing little bubbles from those little containers – no, I’m talking about blowing HUGE bubbles. I bet you didn’t even know that it was possible?

Yes, your bigger kids and their friends can have a lot of fun with this blowing bubble activity and what’s more, it’s inexpensive too…especially if you know how to make the right bubble solution and tools. I’ll give you a few recipes to try out and also a couple of tool ideas.

Kids’ Crafts Create Beautiful Butterflies with Peanuts

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Did you know you can do more than just eat peanuts? For a different kind of summertime activity, think outside the shell and have fun with this creative craft. Here’s everything you’ll need to make beautiful butterflies.

Sleepover Party Crafts

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Sleepovers are always so much fun because you get to see all of your friends at once.

Make Ladybug Rocks

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With summer coming many of us see ladybugs everywhere. Why not create some special ladybugs you can keep on the porch or even inside in some special places?

A Month of Fun with Children

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Making Memories on a Budget

What childhood memories do you hold dear? For me, it was all the times “life happened”. The little things like playing outside, riding my bike, playing at the park, swimming in the lakes, laughing with friends. None of those moments cost a cent, yet they are some of my most treasured memories.

Making memories on a budget is very easy to do.

Garden Glove Hand Puppets


Using an inexpensive garden glove, colored felt and pom poms you can create wonderful handpuppets that can make any storybook come alive for children of all ages!

Celebrate Summer with Fun Family Crafts


(ARA) – As Mother Nature treats our senses to an abundance of summer blooms, why not follow suit with these adorable flower cupcakes? They are fun and easy to make — even the youngest member of the family can pitch in.

How to Make Finger Paints

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Easy to make finger paint recipes.

How to Make a Model Volcano and Other Fun Kids Party Special Effects


Kids love magic tricks and special effects because they surprise and delight with the unexpected. Here’s a collection of easy yet impressive special effects to try at your next kids party.

Home Made Gifts: The Best Way to Teach Your Kids The Value of The Holiday


To a large extent the holidays have come to be more about materialism than the original values of peace, harmony, and faith.

Make Gift Wrapping Paper With Kids


Making your own wrapping paper is a fun activity that children or adults can do. With some creativity you can create gift wrap that is unique and different – everyone will know the gift is from you!

How to Make Paint


Easy homemade paints for crafts or kids.

10 Slam-Dunk Crafts for Little Kids — And Bigger Kids Too!

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Crafting with young children really isn’t about creating something in particular. Most young children don’t have the foresight to see what a project is going to be.

Make Personalized Placemats with Kids


This is a great family craft because everyone can do it. Small children will have fun with it because often they are learning how to set the table, how to help out at mealtime.

Victorian Salt Clay


(can be used to make beads for necklaces)

The Bamboo Rainstick


A step by step guide to rainstick construction with a list of materials required.

How to Make Modeling Clay


How to make modeling clay at home. – Looking for something to do with the kids,  how about making some modeling clay at home? Below you will find 4 easy to make at home clay recipes ..

Soap-Bubble-Blowing Liquid

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Homemade bubble blowing liquid. Great Summertime Craft.

How to Make Silly Putty


How to make silly putty at home.

Holiday Gifts for Everyone – With or Without Money

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Gift giving should be filled with joy. Not a time when people feel overwhelmed and disappointed, because they can not afford to give store bought gifts.

Three Make a Volcano Projects


Three Make a Volcano Projects: Easy, Intermediate, and Spectacular!

How to Make Pomanders


In the tradition of the Victorians and Royalty alike, pomanders were used to mask odors. The sweet smelling scent will fill your home with citrus freshness.