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Save Water and Even Fertilize Your Plants at The Same Time


Many of us are trying to be environmentally conscious these days and water conservation is part of that. If you are like me and have a number of plants to water, there are several ways you can accomplish that task while saving water at the same time.

Nifty and Thrifty General Garden Tips!


It’s easy these days to be blinded by horticultural science and bewildered by the array of new and complicated products on sale for the garden. But look back a few years and use some good old practical know-how and you’ll find some amazing money-saving, nifty alternative ways of growing plants and maintaining your garden.

Information About Plant Nutrients


It is essential to feed plants regularly but too little food or food in excessive amounts is not advisable. Advising on fertilizing plants is a challenging job. There are many factors that affect the fertilization like soil types, climatic conditions, existing nutrients etc.

Gardening Tips for June


In June, summer is finally beginning to come. It is the perfect time of year to come home from a stressful day at work and take full advantage of the serene setting of your very own garden. An evening watching the sunset with a glass of wine or fresh lemonade surrounded by natural beauty is the perfect ending to any day and will leave you feeling fresh and revitalized. If you don’t already have this idyllic garden waiting for you, now is the time to treat yourself.

Attracting Butterflies to Your Garden


There are dozens of myths and beliefs surrounding the lives of butterflies. From legends to mythology, many mystical qualities are attributed to the common butterfly. However it is their radiant and colorful beauty that has brought butterfly gardening to the forefront of hobbies for people from all walks of life.

A Few Tips to Make Your Gardening Time Better


We all could use a few tips in the garden to make it easier, here are a few.

Edible Landscaping- Grow a Delicious Relationship with Your Garden


Not only does growing your own produce allow you to save on fresh, organic produce, but edible plants grow in a variety of shapes, colours and textures enabling you to cultivate a landscape that is as unique as you are.

How to Choose The Right Shovel for Your Gardening Project


If you’ve been working in the garden for any amount of time, you have more than likely worked with a shovel or you’ve needed the services of a shovel at one time or another. There is nothing more frustrating about working with a shovel than to not know exactly which kind to use for any particular job. In this article you will learn information that pertains to all the different types of shovels available, and how to choose the right one for any specific job you may have. Depending on the specific job you’re working on, this will determine the type of tool you’ll need for the job and how effective it will be at solving your problem.

Use The Garden for Quality Family Time


Today’s hectic lifestyles leave families little time to spend together; however, gardening offers a perfect opportunity for a family to share and learn together.

Discover How Coffee Grounds Can Perk Up Your Garden


Canadian gardeners are discovering that coffee grounds offer a valuable source of nutrition for gardens.

What Makes Up Garden Soil and What Kind Do I Have


As a master gardener, I believe that having some basic knowledge about what your plants are growing in will help make you a better gardener and the more successes you will have. Have you ever wondered why one plant will do great in one area, but that same variety dies in another area when it’s getting the same amount of sunlight and water? How do I know if the soil I am planting in is what I should be planting in?

Horticulture Definitions


ACORN: The fruit of Quercus (Oak)

Gardening Tips & Techniques


-Seal Plants — Gardeners use white glue for sealing the ends of pruned stems and branches against insects and excessive moisture loss.

10 Free Gardening Products


One of the pleasurable spin-offs in organic gardening is finding alternative ways of coming up with the same, if not better, end result. Household throwaways can be valuable to the alternate enthusiast. Here are ten recyclable ideas to make gardening a little less hard on the pocket!

Gardening on a Dime


People are often surprised to find out that even though I’m a cookbook author I went to school for Horticulture. (I never wanted to be a writer. I wanted to own an herb farm.) Growing your own plants can not only save you lots of money on your grocery bill, but a nice landscape can improve the value of your home.

How to Make Your Own Rooting Hormone


When starting a new plant from a leaf or stem cutting, the cutting will be more likely to form roots and create a new plant if a rooting hormone is used.