10 Easy Ways to Create a Sacred Garden

10 Easy Ways to Create a Sacred Garden

Creating a Sacred Garden isn’t difficult, but it does take some planning. Here are 10 easy ways to create that sacred space.

1. Create a line of demarcation between your garden and the public. That means the street and the neighbors. Decide where your garden begins and create an entry. It can be something as simple as a couple of pretty pots of flowers or as complicated as building a moon gate. Even a dirt path that ends at your garden with a couple of paving stones will do. Just mark it as the beginning of your sacred space.

2. Keep the style of the garden similar to your home. If you live in a sleek glass and metal home, don’t create a garden that is like a wild thicket. If you home is faced with stones, add some of those same stones somewhere in the garden to tie them together and create a sense of flow.

3. Don’t use many straight lines. They are rarely created by Mother Nature. If you have straight paths, then soften them with curving, irregular beds on either side.

4. Vary the color, size and texture of your plantings. Be sure to add red plants and flowers to energize the garden. Do create a balance of hot and cold shades of color.

5. Take some time to meditate on natural places you loved as a child. Were you always picking mom’s flowers? Plant plenty of flowers. Did you make a playhouse or fort beneath the Weeping Willow? Plant things that will evoke emotions, memories and stimulate all your senses.

6. Add plants with favorite smells. Add plants with aromatic fragrances that promote healing.

7. Using sound, like wind chimes adds a welcoming factor. The wind chimes will raise the vibration of the area too. Just be sure you choose them for their in-tune sound rather than just looks. Add sound by planting a bamboo grove. Their whispers will add a spiritual element.

8. If you can add running water, it will encourage harmonious relationships. A small pond or reflection pool will add peace and tranquility.

9. Texture adds a type of touch sensation beyond your fingertips. Larger leaved plants add yang energies, while finer, smaller leaves add ying to the garden.

10. Create an area dedicated to meditation. Add a bench, chair, or even a large rock to sit on. This area might also incorporate a labyrinth. If you don’t have the means to build a labyrinth, add a small pile of sand where you can draw a labyrinth with a stick that is dedicated to your day’s meditation.

Sacred gardens don’t have to be complicated, but they do need to be planned with intention as to their service. Plat yourself a sacred space in nature-relax, enjoy.

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A 5th generation Psychic/Medium LILLIE RUBY travels the world as an Intuitive and Spiritual Catalyst. Her training in Education, Social Work, Corporate Training, Massage Therapy, Vibrational Therapy, Energetic Therapy and Reiki has created a holistic careerstyle that assists her clients multi-dimentionally. LILLIE’S artwork graces homes in several countries and her musical composition bring peace and harmony to hearts everywhere.

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