12 Fragrances to Uplift The Spirit

12 Fragrances to Uplift The Spirit

While there are many fragrances to uplift the spirit and will aid intuition, here are 12 scents that will alter consciousness and increase your ability to contact and communicate with spirits, angels and spirit guides, along with Nature Spirits. It doesn’t matter whether you use them as incense, in candles, oils or even create potpourri just like we did in the 1980s. What matters is using them. They will alter your vibrational levels and strengthen your inner perceptions.

1. Apple Blossom

Now is the perfect time to gather apple blossoms. Apple blossoms will help you connect with nature spirits as will any of the bell-shaped flowers of spring. Apple blossoms are especially helpful when working with mythical guides and unicorns.

2. Carnation

Carnation is a protective fragrance. It guards against discarnates. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, it was commonly worn to protect against ghosts, perhaps made popular by William Shakespeare and his famous ghost.

3. Chamomile

While chamomile is known for its nerve soothing qualities, it also attunes you to work with nature spirits. If you work with the Egyptian pantheon or any from ancient Arabia, chamomile will help you connect with them. It is also balances the aura, providing protection during your meditations.

4. Frankincense

Made famous in the Bible, Frankincense has been known for thousands of years as an auric cleanser. Its high vibrational rate makes it very protective and it enhances perception.

5. Gardenia

A heavy sweet scent well known in warmer climates, it stimulates telepathy and spiritual communication. Nature Spirits love it too.

6. Lavender

Another fragrance known for its relaxing qualities, lavender helps to reach an altered consciousness whereby past lives are easily accessed. A sprig of lavender is traditionally wore to stimulate your ability to see ghost and spirits.

7. Lemon

Lemon will uplift your spirit and draw in good spirits. It is useful for séances and helps you discriminate between helpful and not so helpful beings.

8. Rose

The scent of rose will draw in your Joy Guides. It’s excellent to open communication with your Spirit Guide and will open up divination channels.

9. Rosemary

Known more as an herb, this plants and its fragrance, when burned, will help cleanse a space. Oils can be worn to prevent psychic attack and will heighten your skin sensitivity to spiritual presence. For centuries, rosemary has been believed to be sacred to the Elven Kingdom and has been given as a gift to house elves to insure a peaceful home during the Winter Solstice.

10. Violet

The beautiful lavender flower that pops up in the woodlands is the flower of the Faery Queen. Use violet to work with any nature spirit and to develop your telepathy. Place a drop over your Third Eye during meditation to open your consciousness more easily.

11. Lilac

The beautiful towering flower heads of the lilac bush will stimulate your spiritual eyes so that you can more easily see spirits. The faery kingdom loves the scent of the lilac, while its leaves will drive ghosts from homes.

12. Wisteria

Another flower from the purple realm, wisteria is used to attract Spirit Guides. Use wisteria during creative practices and during energy healing sessions.

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