7 Days to A Cleaner More Organized Home – Part 3 – The Bathrooms

7 Days to A Cleaner More Organized Home - Part 3

Part 3 on a week long (or short) session of cleaning each room in your home and bringing back some order. We’re in the bathrooms today. You need your heavy duty tools for this. Disinfectant, gloves and some cleanser.

The idea behind these seven days is to bring back some order to your home. You will tackle an area of your home each day. These are quick cleanings, not deep cleaning. To make this program work you should keep up the order in your home by putting things away each day. Start off the morning with a clean slate.

You should still have a piece of paper and a pen or pencil handy. You’re keeping notes on small items you can hopefully find in the surplus of your home or if not pick up at a very reduced cost (think Dollar Store here) to help the room along. We don’t want the list too big but an item or two might make a big difference.

Keep putting aside any items you know you would like to get rid of. Remember we’re just cleaning here but if something catches your eye have a central place to keep it until Saturday or go on and dump it.

Moving on.

We still have our piece of paper and a pen or pencil handy. This is where we will keep notes on small items we can hopefully find in the surplus of our homes or if not pick up at a very reduced cost (think Dollar Store here) to help the room along.

We’re in the bathroom now.

Wednesday: The Bathroom(s)

The bathroom. One of the least favorite rooms in the whole house to clean. That’s because it gets grimy quickly and you need to disinfect too. So get your disinfectant, window cleaner and toilet cleaner. Oh get some cleanser for sink and tub. Bon Ami is a good not scratching one.

Take down shower curtain and throw in washer or replace. Wet tub, apply cleanser to sponge or make a small little pile of paste at the bottom of the tub and, starting at the top, scrub top to bottom. Don’t look too closely we just want to clean for now. Come back and attack stubborn stains and problems later. Rinse and dry. Spray the fixtures with non-acid or window cleaner. Buff dry. Drying makes it look very nice. Do the same to the sink.

Whew! Put the garbage and anything on the floor in the hallway. Toss excess garbage in the garbage as you walk past.

Remove items from one side of the counter and put them on the other side. You’re not worried about neatness here you’re cleaning the countertop. If your mirror is right above this spray with window cleaner and wipe dry. Spray your first side of counter with disinfectant (hey you don’t know what dripped there!) and wipe dry. Move the items back in a nice orderly fashion and do the same on the other side of the counter top.

Use your damp rags and wipe off towel bars, toilet paper holder and lightswitch area.

Use your favorite tools and scrub the bowl of the toilet. Now spray the outside and all over the seat and rim with disinfectant and wipe with a new (saved only for this purpose) rag.

Mop floor with mop or on hands and knees with a rag.

Turn out light and pat yourself on the back.

So did you notice anything you might like to have to help the your bathroom or bathrooms along? I also use small baskets in the bathroom. I have a small round one to hold combs and brushes and another not so large one to hold face creams, lip ointments and small items like that. Maybe you would like to put new towels on your list for the next time you see them on sale. Or a new shower curtain. Don’t get carried away. Just a few things to enhance and maybe you already have them at home.

Next up… the Bedrooms

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