How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Catch one of the bugs and examine it closely. If this proves to be a challenge, hang some fly paper for an hour or so to capture a few of the little buggers. Common household fruit flies (aka Drosophila) grow to a maximum size of 1/8th inch (3mm) long and typically have brownish or yellowish bodies and red eyes.

Just because you may see a small fly or gnat type flying around in the kitchen, do not assume it is coming from the drains. Check all possible breeding sources to help identify the fly. Using a drain cleaner like DF 5000 would only work in they are breeding in the drains. Understanding the different breeding sources for the different flies will help you in identifying and managing the respective flies. The other flies that are found around drains are: Fruit Flies, Drain Flies and Sphaerocierid Flies.

Slice the bananas and divide the slices into several containers. Now, take some liquid dish soap, honey or vegetable oil and rub it around the top of the bottle opening, along the insides down into the jar. Place the cling wrap or other plastic wrapping tightly over the opening of the jar or bowl, and place a rubber band around it to hold it snuggly in place. With the help of a knife, poke a few tiny holes into the plastic wrap. Make sure the holes are very tiny, so that the fruit can snuggle inside but can never come out.

This is the fruit fly trap you’ve (I’ve) been looking for. The ultimate death trap for fruit flies. And yes, Mom was right; you can catch more flies with honey. And yes, the fruit fly is breeding, living and laying eggs in your drains. There’s no doubt that the fruit fly is smart. Most fruit flies will figure a way out of the trap we’ve set for them. But I’ve out-witted them.

Make a fruit fly flytrap by putting a small amount of red wine in a shallow dish, cover it with a plastic wrap, stretching and holding it with a rubber band. Pierce some holes on the cover. Attracted to wine, flies will crawl in and would not be able to escape. You can also use banana or apple cider vinegar as a substitute to wine.

Fruit flies get in through windows. Make sure you check all of your windows for cracks in the sealing or tears in your screens. Also, make sure your screen’s frames are flush against their fittings.

The more fruit flies you have, the more fruit fly trap containers you might wish to make. If the fruit flies have journeyed to other parts of the house, you will want to place a container in each room they are in. Don’t remove the plastic covering from the trapping containers! Allow the fruit fly traps to sit for about three days or so, then simply toss the trapping containers into the trash. Remove the trash the same day.


Any bugs that suck on a plant can also be controlled by watering the plant itself with soapy water. The soap doesn’t bother the plant, but the bugs hate it, and go way. In the old days, Granny would throw out the dishwater under the plants.

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