7 Days to A Cleaner More Organized Home – Part 5 – Odds and Ends

7 Days to A Cleaner More Organized Home - Part 5 - Odds and Ends

The idea behind these seven days is to bring back some order to your home. You will tackle an area of your home each day. These are quick cleanings, not deep cleaning. To make this program work you should keep up the order in your home by putting things away each day. Start off the morning with a clean slate.

Friday – Odds and Ends

Well by now you’ve gone through the main rooms of your house in your cleaning efforts. But every home is not the same. Homes have different numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms. Some homes have laundry rooms, some have basements.

So we’ll use Friday to catch those extra rooms that may not need as much attention or that didn’t get caught up in the first part of our week. These should be smaller rooms. For example the laundry room, a hallway, maybe an extra child’s room or the guest room.

Also fine tune that list of any items you know you would like to get rid of. And make sure the things you want to go are ready for Saturday.

Remember we’re just doing a kind of general clean up that you can maintain with a little forethought and touch up throughout the week.

If you were to work in the laundry room here is a layout plan for working through there in roughly 15 minutes to half an hour.

Laundry Room:

Remove all empty containers and boxes.

Wipe down outside of washer

Wipe down outside of dryer.

Empty lint repository in the dryer.

Sweep floor. Use leftover dryer sheets to get lint off the floor.

Dust surfaces and corners of ceiling.

Wet mop floor is possible.

If you are working in another room besides the laundry room it can generally follow the pattern of the other cleaning outlined in the previous articles.

Next up Rest and Recover

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