7 Days to A Cleaner More Organized Home – Part 6 – Rest and Recover

7 Days to A Cleaner More Organized Home - Part 6

The idea behind these seven days was to bring back some order to your home. You tackled an area of your home each day. These were quick cleanings, not deep cleaning. To make this program work after you’ve finished cleaning a room you should keep up the order in your home by putting things away each day. Start off the morning with a clean slate.

But now it’s Saturday. If you’ve been using this method for one week then your Saturday is free for picking up some small items to make a difference. Or even getting rid of ones that you noticed you didn’t need. Or rearranging items for a new look.

Take the items you want to purge to the local dump or donate them to you favorite charity. You weren’t doing a complete declutter of your home so you should have just maybe a careful or less.

This week long plan can be adjusted to fit any schedule. If your days are full stretch it out into weeks. Tackle a room or set of rooms each week. The main thing is to remember to keep that newly cleaned room picked up and give it a nice touch up will cleaner and all at least once a week.

So use this Saturday to adjust things in your home and take a look at what you’ve accomplished.

Use Sunday to rest and rejuvenate in your home. You’ve worked hard and you should enjoy the fruits of your labors. Take deep breath and serve dinner from your newly cleaned kitchen. If you have guests over take just 15 minutes after they’re gone to put everything to rights again. Set a timer. It might take less or longer than 15 minutes but you will know what you can accomplish in that amount of time and trust me you will surprise yourself.

Enjoy your home.

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