A Guide for Beginner Gardeners

A Guide for Beginner Gardeners

Have you ever wanted to make a salad from vegetables you grew yourself? Or give a bouquet to your loved one made of fresh flowers picked from your own garden? Now is your time to shine and grow like a pro with a few tips to get you started:


While your first attempt may not be as beautiful as Butchart Gardens in British Columbia, it can certainly serve as inspiration as you begin to visualize how you would like your garden to look. Hop on the web, take a stroll through your neighbourhood or head to your local garden store for some creative inspiration.


You’ll need to acquire a few essential tools for preparing the soil/space, for planting your seeds and for garden maintenance:

• Gloves – To protect your hands from prickles, thorns and dirt, make sure to have some sturdy gardening gloves on hand.

• Hand Trowel – This will act as your best friend when it comes time to plant your seeds, excavate weeds and transport items from pots to your garden.

• Wheelbarrow – Investing in a wheelbarrow is a must for gardeners. You’ll likely need to purchase some gardening soil to mix in with your ground soil. Having a wheelbarrow on hand to help you transport the soil from your vehicle to your garden is gold.

Gardening Gear

To be a true gardener, you’ll need a few key items in your wardrobe:

• Overalls – There’s a reason traditional Carhartt overalls (available at Mark’s) have stayed in style for so long. With room for knee pads for extra cushioning and multiple utility pockets, overalls are essential.

• Footwear – You’ll want to wear shoes that are comfortable and functional. A great option are Mark’s WindRiver rain boots which come in a shorter profile and are antimicrobial to keep your feet fresh. Not to mention, they’re easy to hose off after a day in the dirt.

• Sun hat – You’ll likely be spending quite a bit of time outside so it’s best to protect yourself with a wide brimmed hat in addition to wearing sunscreen.

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