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The next time you look at a log home, remember to thank the early inhabitants for their creativity. For it was in their quest to create shelter for their family utilizing little material and resources at hand, they were able to cut down trees and mold it and shape it to what we currently appreciate today as log homes. Log homes have no doubt been around for a long time but home buyers really started to pay more attention to them circa 1960. The popularity of log homes continues up to this day.

Say the words “log homes” and one quickly conjure up a woodsy cabin-like dwelling that is situated in snow-capped mountainous areas. Although TV shows and movies have a lot to do with what people perceive a log home to look like, they could not be farther away from the truth. Today log homes are not only being built where it is anywhere close to or within metropolitan locations but research has shown that up to 90 percent of these homes are used for primary residence and not just as a vacation home.

The log homes that are available on the market today are well constructed with all the modern amenities within a contemporary style. In addition there is no mistaken the charm, beauty and uniqueness that these home exude, definitely nothing like what you would find in typical homes today. As an owner of a log home, it means that you have made a great investment since these homes are quite easy for you to sell And even if you do not decide on selling it, you go away with the feeling that you have a very durable home for years to come, one that one can pass on to the next family generation.

The process in building a log home is indeed a meticulous one. The contractors assigned to building these homes usually spend a lot of time researching their plans to later develop into something that is cohesive and no doubt suitable to the homeowner. Some detailing of building a log home includes calculating the log size and type as well as determining if these homes should be handcrafted or built with the assistance of machinery.

When a log home is handcrafted, it simply means that there are workers in place who are qualified enough to know how to position the log so that it would fit by ways of stripping and shaping it. In this case, no two logs would look alike but it’s just this oddity that would make it unique. Manufactured log on the other hand cuts the production time on building a log home in half as they supply pre-cut even-length logs which are sold with grooves with its coordinating matching part to make it easy to piece together and get the job done in a short period of time.

Also today most log homes feature garden sheds, gazebos and even garages nicely bridging the gap between historic and modern-style living.

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