Anti Aging Treatment with DNA Repair System

Anti Aging Treatment with DNA Repair System

Aging is a process where certain changes occur and manifest in all the organs of the body. The only organ where these signs of aging remain visible is on the outer surface is the skin. The appearance of freckles, fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles all mark the onset of the aging. These signs not only accompany the growing age but, in some cases can result from neglecting the skin.

Apart from getting older, disease, lack of nutrition (antioxidants and vitamins A, D, E), exposure to environmental pollutants and UV rays can also cause premature aging of the skin. Skin needs to be protected against these factors to avoid such cases of premature aging of the skin.

Anti Aging Treatment

Diet has an important role in keeping the skin healthy. Food rich in vitamins, anti oxidants and essential oils can help the delay of the onset of this aging process. A regular exercise routine also aids in keeping the skin young and healthy. Apart from these our skin needs to be properly moisturized and exfoliated to get rid of the collected dead skin and other debris. All the above comes under the daily routine for skin care or steps to delay the aging process.

Aging and Changes in DNA

With growing age there occurs a shortage of certain enzymes and metabolites in the body which are necessary to keep the skin healthy, smooth, and tight. The facial muscles become lose and this leads to appearance of wrinkles. All these delimiting changes first occur in the DNA of the body and then manifest as signs on the skin. Same is true when our skin is exposed to pollutants and UV rays which again damage the DNA and thus cause skin problems like aging, diseases and in some cases skin cancer.

DNA Repair and Anti Aging

Once the aging process begins the symptoms can be taken care of by treating them with anti aging creams and lotions which treat and mask aging spots, wrinkles or fine lines. There are many such products available in the market, which promise to take care of the aging skin and assure you a healthy younger looking skin. There are products like DNA repair serums which help repair the damaged caused to the DNA and thus help you get rid of the damaged skin (spots, wrinkles, and fine lines). This serum is a mixture of repair enzymes and antioxidants which works to treat the root cause of the aging process thus effectively treats the damaged DNA and also at the same time promotes the growth of new healthy cells.

You must make sure to avoid over exposure of skin to any kind of environmental pollutants. Over exposure to pollutants makes it necessary to use certain sun blocking creams or lotions while outside and if sun damage occurs it should be carefully treated with the many available creams on the market.

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Naomi Andrews is an esthetician from Hawaii. she has had the opportunity to use various skin care products like Obagi, Neocutis and many others. She has hands on various kinds of acne treatments, facial and chemical peels and other skin care and anti ageing treatments.

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