Aging – Process, Treatment and Lifestyle Changes

Aging – Process, Treatment and Lifestyle Changes

Aging results from permanent changes which occur in one’s body during the growing years. These changes occur in the organs, muscles, in each cell of the body and the most apparent changes can be noticed on the skin in the form of wrinkles, dark spots, liver spots, fine lines, blemishes, and dull and lose facial skin. There is no specific age at which these signs start appearing. It depends on the lifestyle, occupation, exposure to environmental pollutants and diet of the person and genetic factors. Also some studies have revealed that apart from the above, the time and type of aging changes experienced by a person are also affected by the general attitude a person has towards life and the beliefs and skills the person follows to live and enjoy life.

State of Art

Nowadays the market is flooded with loads of Specialized products for anti aging treatment including exfoliations, creams, DNA repair systems (by Skin Care Heaven), anti aging creams (Obagi condition and Enhance system, iS Clinical Super Serum Advance, Clarisonic PLUS skin care system, Kinerase anti aging cream, lotions, chemical peels, mineral base concealers, blenders, toners, sunscreens and cleansers. Spas and salons have varied treatment sessions to help one get rid of the apparent aging signs whereas dermatologists use a variety of equipment like microdermabrasion and other exfoliation tools to help one fight aging signs. All the above listed methods either help slow the rate of appearance of the aging signs or mask those which have already appeared.

A balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and regular exercising have been seen to delay the onset of the aging process. These days many forms of yoga (spinal roll or rocking exercise, shisrshasana- headstand, abdominal lift, etc) , meditation and various breathing exercises as well are being also preached as effective ways to fight the aging process.

Lifestyle Tips to Delay The Onset of Aging Process:

• Get a good 8 hours of sleep. However, avoid sleeping until late in the morning. Morning fresh air plays wonders for a healthy body. So try to get to sleep early and also get up early. Try and go for a morning walk, jogging, yoga or some exercise. This will keep you fresh and energized all day long.

• Avoid eating any meals up to 3 hours before going to bed and also never exercise for about an hour and a half before sleeping as this interrupt your sound night’s sleep.

• Try to avoid supplements and include fruits, vegetables and cereals rich in vitamins and antioxidants in your diet. Have a well balanced diet.

• Include at least 30 minutes of exercising in your daily routine. Exercising helps tone up and maintain flexibility in your muscles.

• Drink lots of water. At least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. In winter or in cold areas people usually think that 3 to 4 glasses would suffice because we do not sweat as much, but this is a myth. Throughout the year stick to the routine of drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

• As much as possible try to lead a stress free life. Give time to yourself and try enjoying life as much as possible. Happy moments rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

The Author:

Naomi Andrews is an esthetician from Hawaii. She has had the opportunity to use various skin care cosmetics and products like Obagi, Neocutis, La RochePosay and many others. She has hands on various kinds of laser treatments, facial and chemical peels and other skin care and anti ageing treatments.

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