Role of Vitamins and Minerals in Delaying The Aging Process

Role of Vitamins and Minerals in Delaying the Aging Process

A balanced diet can work wonders for one’s body and mind! A diet rich in vitamins and minerals is specifically good for fighting the signs of aging. Freckles, wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, blemishes and dark under eye circles are a major skin concern for every individual. These signs which come under the cascade of aging might result from aging or might occur due to exposure to environmental pollutants (dust, smoke, UV rays, metal pollutants and more). When these signs appear due to debilitating factors other than aging, they result into premature aging.

Dermatologists believe, aging of the skin can be delayed by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, protecting your skin form the sun and consuming a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. This is also relevant when one needs to fight premature aging. Nutritionists say “your skin is a fingerprint of what goes inside (food).” While adults are recommended to include natural sources of vitamins and minerals in their food, as we approach our golden years it is recommended to use supplements to counteract slowed metabolism (cell regeneration and metabolism both slow down to some extent with growing age). Lately, many studies have been focused on evaluating the link between the dietary vitamins and minerals and skin texture and diseases. Through these studies it has been established that all the skin related concerns from acne, psoriasis to aging are a manifestation of dietary insufficiency.

Vitamin A, C, E, B complex, K, copper and anti oxidants are a must for healthy skin. Apart from their role in generation of skin cells, these vitamins also function to protect our skin against pollutants, UV rays and sun damage. Anti oxidants have a significant role in delaying the appearance of the signs of aging. They also help maintain muscle tone and as a result the skin does not become as loose which often happens as one ages. Where some vitamins and minerals are directly involved in maintaining shiny, healthy looking skin, yet another group of vitamins and minerals ensure proper digestion, circulation, metabolism and absorption of all the nutrients and therefore affect the skin health as well.

Vitamins and minerals from natural sources like soy products, milk, fruits, green vegetables, nuts, seeds, olives or from supplements have a significant influence on the skin color, texture and appearance. Certain skin care and anti aging products with a mineral base are also available these days. Such mineral based products have also proved to enhance the look of your skin by complementing the skin’s demand for minerals and anti oxidants (and vitamins). Lierac paris in one such brand which offers phytocosmetics, skin care and anti aging products like Lierac Crème Mesolift Anti Aging Cream , Lierac Coherence Day Age Defense Firming Cream and many more . There are other moisturizing lotions, night creams and day creams available which have vitamins A , B, C, D , E and K. Glo Minerales also makes products like eye makeup products and concealers as well as foundations with a mineral base which are healthy and safe for the skin.

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Naomi Andrews is an esthetician from Hawaii. she has had the opportunity to use various skin care products like Obagi, Neocutis, and many others. She has hands on various kinds of Acne skin care treatments, facial and chemical peels and other skin care and anti aging treatments.

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