Things Mothers Did Before The Invention of Baby Teething Gel

Things Mothers Did Before The Invention of Baby Teething Gel

Baby teething gel is a relatively new invention and it has not been around until the turn of the new millennium, the few instances of chemicals being used for pain relief caused due to teething. Though baby teething gel is the best and most efficient way of relieving teething discomforts, it is still to be accepted as the ubiquitous remedy to baby teething.

It is understandable when parents feel uncomfortable about putting chemicals in their kid’s mouth. They fear the chemical in the teething gel could affect the baby’s health negatively. Although these doubts are totally unfounded, nevertheless, parents cannot feel safe enough about these gels and they look for traditional solutions that do not involve usage of foreign chemicals. Here you will find a few of those solutions that mothers consider safe when it comes to relieving their babies of teething pains.

Rubbing The Gums:

We all appreciate the value of a good massage and when your baby suffers from aching gum, you can relieve the discomfort with a slight massage on the gums until the baby starts feeling better. However while doing so, you must take care to wash your hand with soap and clean water. Increase in blood circulation acts as a natural pain relief and soothes the baby.

Cold Clothes:

Wet a soft, clean cotton cloth and keep it in the freezer overnight until the temperature drops below zero, then take it and gently dab along the gums of the baby until it makes him feel comfortable. Those who do not mind pharmacy replacements for cold wet cloth can try using chemical patches filled with cooling chemicals in it. These however are not ideal for kids with teeth. Sharp teeth can break into the protective sheath and puncture the pouch, releasing the gel.

Natural Oils:

Clove oil has been used as the most common remedy for toothache since time immemorial; the first usage of clove oil can be traced back to ancient India where Ayurveda gurus made use of pure clove oil to alleviate teeth ailments. In India, many parents still prefer clove or even olive oil over baby teething gel. However, it must be noted that clove oil is quite potent and in concentrated amounts causes a burning sensation in the soft gums of the baby.

With all these alternatives to over the counter baby teething gel is that most of these have been known to cause one issue or the other. For instance, oils when swallowed disturbs the kid’s digestive system, cold objects can cause health issues like cold and cough. Despite the mistrust, baby teething gels are medically proven to be safe, effective and perfectly fine for babies.

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