Basic Home Decorating Considerations

Basic Home Decorating Considerations

Decorating a home is about finding a comfortable balance between the different furnishings in the space. This balance is achieved by placing objects with varying characteristics in places where they compliment one another. The idea is to create relationships between your possessions, in order to develop a whole which is more impressive than the sum of its parts.


Scale refers to the size of architectural features and furnishings within a space. With scale, finding a balance is particularly important, as otherwise you will get a room that feels chaotic, and looks peculiar.

Large rooms should generally be furnished by larger items. Tall armoires, high backed sofas, and shelves that reach towards the sky are all different objects you can use to put a larger room into perspective. If you have a smaller space, create the illusion of height with shorter possessions.

Scale is also about creating a room that matches your own size. If you are a tall person, you will want possessions which don’t make you feel like you are living in a doll house. If you are petite, you don’t want the room to tower over you. If you are a large person living with someone who is tiny, you will have to balance big and small furnishings as if they were on a see saw, to create a space which is not only scaled to match you both, but which also has an inherent harmony to it.


Controlling contrast is a relatively difficult balancing act when decorating a room. It is like trying to tame fire, it can be very useful, but if it gets out of control it can destroy the whole design.

Contrast is red napkins on a white tablecloth. It is a green wall clock on a stark black wall. Contrast makes the design interesting, adding an exciting power to the ambience of a space

However, using too much contrast can create a room which is muddied and chaotic. People will feel agitated in the space, and their thoughts will become disordered. It can even make the room irritating to be in.

You have to try and find ways to create contrast, without overwhelming the space. Try using tiny accents throughout the room, so that the overall order of the space can tone down the bright colors in small places.

Alternatively you can use a single bold contrast, such as a bright yellow pillow, or a pair of luxuriously red curtains, to create a focal point which will give the room an inherent premise.


Rhythm is the art of creating a theme throughout a space. The theme does not necessarily have to be overt, such as animal prints, or historical geography, it can be as subtle as a color, or series of contrasts, or even a series of patterns which are all reminiscent of one another. When you are able to create rhythm in a room you can bring the entire space together, giving it a single purpose, and a unified artistic vision.

These are just a few of the considerations that professionals decorators bear in mind when creating beautiful and comfortable interiors. While the art of creating a space is much more complex than these concepts, they can help to keep you grounded and give you direction when creating your home.

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