Bayberry Extract for Women’s Complaints

Bayberry Extract for Women’s Complaints

Bayberry is an evergreen shrub, whose healing properties are like those of the wild Oregon grape root. If you’re looking for a bayberry extract for women’s complaints, then you have come to the right place!

Bayberry bark is definitely an herbal medicine for women and there are thousands of women a month who are looking for a good bayberry extract. What this herb can accomplish for women’s personal issues of the body, is nothing short of miraculous! I’m very excited and thrilled to share the medicinal properties of bayberry bark with you today.

Countless women are troubled by varicose veins and they are desperately looking for some type of natural remedy, that can bring them some relief. If you make a strong bayberry tea and soak it in a towel, then apply it to your varicose veins, you should find some relief. Of course, this would need to be done on a daily basis, to experience any real results.

The towel and a bayberry bark tea combination should be applied as hot as you can take it. Please be careful not to burn yourself, but make sure that the tea is hot enough. If you have to lay down a plastic sheet on your bed and put a hot water bottle over the towel, then I would definitely suggest that, because that allows the bayberry tea to work it’s magic for a longer period of time.

Bayberry bark tea is also very effective against expelling parasites and fighting fevers! Many folks that are new to herbal medicine, may not know just how powerful bayberry tea is and for that reason I’m sharing what I know, because it is vital knowledge. By making a strong bayberry tea, You will even be able to help possibly heal the liver and kidney as well.

You can put a handful of the bayberry bark into one quart of boiling water and cover. At this point, you want to let it simmer on low heat for 10 minutes. Next, turn off heat and let it steep for 30 minutes. Now you can strain it and drink about 2 cups a day. Please consult your doctor before using any type of natural therapy.

The bayberry bark tea may be an effective douche for stopping the bleeding in the bowels and uterus, therefore this tea may be helpful for excessive menstruation or vaginal discharge. Again, extreme caution should be used whenever using a natural therapy and a doctor should be consulted first.

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