Beautiful Yellow Wedding Bouquets

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Yellow is the most cheerful of all the colors, which makes it a natural addition to a happy occasion like a wedding. Whether it is light and sunny or warm and rich, yellow will make any wedding prettier. These are some ideas for beautiful yellow wedding bouquets.

Certainly yellow is a perfect choice for a spring wedding bouquet. It has the cheery feel of an early spring day when nature is just starting to come to life again after the darkness of winter. Nothing says, “welcome spring” quite like yellow flowers! Emphasise the spirit of spring by choosing flowers that are associated with the season. You simply cannot beat a full round bouquet of happy yellow tulips. It is a great classic wedding flower, perfect for the type of bride wearing an organza gown with pearl bridal jewelry. This type of bouquet can be dressed up with a wide satin ribbon, or made more casual with a cute yellow and white gingham ribbon.

Another classic yellow spring flower is the daffodil. This wonderful sign of spring would make a lovely addition to a wedding bouquet, either in the regular size or the adorable little mini daffodils. They work beautifully in combination with other yellow flowers like peonies and freesia to create a feminine and lovely bouquet that any bride would love to carry.

Yellow bouquets can also take on a more sophisticated vibe. A chic bouquet of yellow orchids or calla lilies would be an excellent choice for a second time bride. It is perfect for the more mature bride who likes a light color palette for her wedding, but would prefer to avoid white. A round nosegay is always pretty, but an elegant arm bouquet with dripping tendrils of greenery would be especially sophisticated and stylish.

Certainly most of the favorite wedding flowers are available in yellow. Texan brides can include the “yellow rose of Texas” into their bridal bouquets as a sign of their state pride. Classic hybrid roses (which traditionally symbolize friendship) come in a nice cheery yellow, as do romantic old-fashioned garden roses. A pale yellow garden rose combines marvelously with such romantic blossoms as sweetpeas and freesia. A very traditional bride will love the combination of yellow roses and tiny white stephanotis, complete with the pearl centers that look so pretty with classic bridal jewelry.

Yellow wedding bouquets are also fantastic for more rustic ceremonies. The rich yellow and brown of mini sunflowers is fantastic for a fall bride. You can create a bouquet entirely from sunflowers or mix in other seasonal accents such as mums and stalks of wheat. Tie is all up with a wide strip of torn dupioni in a russet color. The effect is rustic elegance.

There are countless other choices for yellow wedding bouquets. You can use marigold yellow dahlias, bold caltleya orchids, casual gerbera daisies or sweet traditional white and yellow daisies. Yellow flowers make a cheerful and sunny statement on their own, but they also combine well with soft cream, light green, and even pale blue or lavender. There are so many beautiful flowers available for yellow bouquets that you may find it hard to narrow it down to your favorites!

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