Benefits of Adding Fresh Crab to Your Diet and Meal Plan

Benefits of Adding Fresh Crab to Your Diet and Meal Plan

Following a healthy diet is something that all people should aim to do. One way that you can make your diet healthier is by focusing more meals on eating marine life, such as crab. Today, you can order fresh and live Dungeness Crab that can be delivered directly to your home or restaurant. There are many advantages that come with eating crab from time to time.

Delicious Recipes

For those that enjoy cooking and coming up with fun and unique dishes, crab is a great addition. There are many great recipes available today that contain crab, which can make it a great appetizer or meal. Two of the most classic appetizers and starters made with carb include crab Rangoon or a grilled crab salad. If you are looking for a larger meal, some great options to consider include grilled Dungeness crab, which can be paired with a variety of vegetables or a savory crab casserole. No matter what you choose to prepare, fresh and hearty crab will help your meal stand out. 

Amazing Source of Protein

For those that are looking to improve their diet, consuming crab is a great option to consider due to the high protein content and low level of calories. Consuming enough protein can help anyone build lean muscle mass and reduce fat intake. The typical serving of crab contains around 100 calories. At the same time, the same serving will have over 21 grams of protein with no carbs or sugar included. This makes it one of the high protein density foods that you can consume. 

Healthy Vitamins and Minerals

Beyond the high levels of protein, crab meat additionally has a variety of minerals and vitamins that can keep you feeling great. Fresh crab today is full of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and other natural elements. These can provide a variety of health benefits including improving heart health, keeping your brain strong, and even preventing the development of anemia. 

Crab Comes Fresh

When you do order some Dungeness Crab, you will also be amazed at how fresh it is. These crabs are caught directly off the Pacific Northwest coast and can weigh upwards of two pounds each. The crab will typically be sent to your home within a day of it being pulled out of the sea and will be shipped in a container to keep it live and fresh. You can then enjoy a delicious crab meal no matter how far from the ocean you live. 

Crab Catch is Sustainable

For anyone that loves to eat fish, consuming a product that is sustainable continues to be very important. Due to concerns of overfishing of certain species, finding fish that you can enjoy that does not lead to a population decline or harm the environment is very important. Crab today is caught in a clean and environmentally-friendly manner, which helps to protect the sea and ensure the species continues to thrive going forward as well. 

If you are looking for a new meal to cook at home, live crab is a great option to consider. There are a variety of benefits that come when you include live and fresh crab in your diet and personal meal plan. This can help keep you healthy while also enjoying some unique and flavorful dishes. 

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