Best Hangover Cure – 8 Tips You Need To Know

Best Hangover Cure - 8 Tips You Need To Know

Are you suffering the after-effects of a night or day of heavy alcohol consumption? Do your eyes hurt, your head hurt and your body feel as though it’s been to war? Believe it or not you are suffering from dehydration mostly which is caused by your excessive consumption of alcohol. The good news for you is that I have the best hangover cure you could want.

As I mentioned above a hangover is basically the result of severe dehydration that alcohol, which is a diuretic,causes. I bet you would have never imagined that a simple concept like dehydration could be responsible for the headaches, dizziness, general body weakness and tiredness, increased sensitivity to light and noise, nausea and vomiting – all these symptoms of a hangover that you’re experiencing.

People have died from dehydration so be thankful that you’re alive and let’s get to the meat of the matter at hand.

Here are some things you can do immediately to help you to feel better:

1. Drink Water

lots and lots of water to reverse that dehydration. Bet you already figured that out.

2. Eat Carbohydrates

Alcohol also causes a drop in blood sugar so the best foods to eat when you have a hangover are those that will boost your blood sugar. Bananas are also very helpful here.

3. Avoid Coffee

if you are a coffee drinker as this is also a diuretic and will make matters worse.

4. Avoid Over The Counter Pain Medications

like aspirin or Tylenol as they will either irritate your stomach or cause liver damage which you want to avoid.

5. “Hair of the Dog”

(having another drink) is not an appropriate remedy either as it only postpones your hangover and could amplify it which you certainly don’t want.

6. Toast with Honey

Professional party people swear by this remedy.

7. Milk Thistle

This is a supplement that promotes liver health and can help to reverse some of the damage your alcohol consumption caused.

8. B-Complex Vitamins

Apparently hospitalized alcoholics are given B vitamins so you should take these as well. You lose these essential vitamins when consuming alcohol.

So there you have 8 of the best hangover cures or tips that you can start using immediately. Even if you do nothing but sleep it off you will eventually feel better and gradually get back to normal as well. Always look for natural remedies for conditions that affect you and your loved ones as this will help you preserve your health in the long run.

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