Gentle Effective Natural Diaper Rash Remedies

Diaper Rash Remedies

Being a mother myself I can certainly empathize with you agonizing over anything that hurts your baby or makes your little bundle of love uncomfortable. The most common issue that our little cherubs have to endure is diaper rash and it can be severe. Thankfully there are many diaper rash treatment options and in this article I will share some of them with you so that baby and Mom and Dad can sleep better tonight.

If you’re anything like me and millions of other moms out there you do not want to be putting any harsh chemicals anywhere near your baby’s skin so I applaud you for trying to find some natural and gentle ways to deal with this problem.

Here are some simple diaper rash remedies you can start doing or using immediately:

Air Out

Let your baby lie without any diaper at all on for a little time each day. If that is not practical for you then get a cloth diaper and secure it very loosely so that air can pass through it.

Change Your Baby More Frequently

When baby has a diaper rash anytime he/she urinates or has a bowel movement there will be further irritation which will only make matters worse. Since baby cannot tell you when such a thing has happened you need to take it upon yourself to check and change baby on a more frequent basis than you would do under normal circumstances.

Try Perfume Free Natural Diapers

These are a bit more expensive but may be helpful during the time that your baby is experiencing a diaper rash. Some of the brands to look out for are Seventh Generation, MotherNature or Nature Boy & Girl. You may have to go to a natural health store to find these or perhaps you could order them online.

Clean with Warm Water and Natural Soap

Instead of using the baby wipes sold in stores that typically have chemicals in them try using warm water and a natural soap to clean up your baby and dry him/her with a nice organic cotton towel if you can get your hands on one. Do this at least for the period of time that the rash is present.

Mixture of Cornstarch & Vaseline

This mixture has shown to be effective so after cleaning baby apply some of this to the affected area. You should see an improvement within 2 days using this.

So there you have 5 effective diaper rash treatment options you can start using for your little one to alleviate the awful discomfort that diaper rashes bring. Be careful to keep chemicals away from baby’s skin especially during this time so you may want to use a natural laundry detergent to wash baby’s clothes as well.

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