What You Should Know About Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast cancer begins from a cell, then divide and grow uncontrollably. Cancer cells are still too small is very difficult to be felt, so that in early-stage breast cancer usually no symptoms. Mammography can detect cancer before a lump is felt, this is why routine screening with mammography every year is so important. A few lumps in the breast can look like cancer, so it’s good to know the difference, and get a check from the doctor about a suspicious lump.

How to recognize Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast Cancer Symptoms is usually a lump appeared in the breast or armpit. Inflammatory breast cancer is a type of breast cancer is quite aggressive, growth of breast cancer cells causes skin redness like rash. Doing breast self-examination is a good way to be more aware when there are changes in either breast texture, size and condition of the skin. Early detection is the best way to protect breast health and increase the likelihood of breast cancer free. If there are changes in the breast during a breast self-examination, do not hesitate to ask doctors and nurses.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

  • there is a lump (mass) in the breast
  • lump in the armpit (lymph nodes)
  • there is fluid from the nipple (clear or turbid)
  • nipple pain
  • sinking into the breast nipple
  • nipple scaly skin
  • texture of the breast has changed
  • unusual breast pain or discomfort

Breast Cancer Symptoms Seen with Imaging Tests

  • Microcalcification in dense groups
  • The period of the solid with the outer side of the tapered section

Symptoms in Advanced Breast Cancer (Metastatic)

Advanced breast cancer (metastasis) can mean the cancer cells have spread to other organs far from where the cancer cells originate. Some symptoms that occur at this stage are as follows:

  • Bone pain, pain like this could indicate that the cancer has spread to the bone
  • Shorter of breath, as this could indicate that the cancer has spread to the lungs.
  • The loss of passion and accompanied by a yellow color on the body or belly to swell, this condition can indicate that the cancer has spread to the liver
  • With drastic weight loss, this condition could indicate that the cancer has spread to the liver
  • To the incredible pain, this condition could indicate the cancer has spread to the brain.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer (Inflammatory Breast Cancer)

This type of breast cancer are more rare but very aggressive. Inflammatory breast cancer will not cause a lump in the breast cancer that does not appear invisible. That looks just like a red rash on the skin surface of the breast. However, treatment with anti-inflammatory creams will not provide improvements. Some of the symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer are as follows:

  • increased breast size
  • breast skin look like a bruise and will not recover if treated with anti-inflammatory or antibiotic cream
  • breast skin changes, ranging from pink, red to dark red
  • there is a warm feeling when touching the breast or harder than normal conditions
  • unusual pain during menstruation
  • changes in the breast skin resembling the texture of orange peel
  • at an advanced stage of inflammatory breast cancer can cause sores on the skin of the breast.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer Recurrence

Breast cancer who had been treated with chemotherapy, radiation or surgery has the possibility of relapse. This recurrence can occur with marked the emergence of cancer in its place, the place around the original cancer and even the appearance of cancer in areas far from where the original cancer. Breast cancer relapse can be treated anymore with chemotherapy, surgery or radiation. Usually if the treatment is done by chemotherapy again then this type of chemotherapy drugs used should have a stronger effect compared with previous chemotherapy drugs.

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