Canning Bananas in The Form of Banana Butter

Canning Bananas in The Form of Banana Butter

I recently read an article in the newspaper where they say the prices of bananas are on their way up similar to those of meat, dairy and wheat related products. The latest estimates say that these processes are to rise at the tune of thirty six cents per pound more then last month. The companies that import the fruit have stated that these prices will continue to increase throughout the remainder of the year due to increased transportation costs.

During the 2005 hurricane season the prices of bananas rose to an equal level that it current has escalated to and we have currently not encountered any adverse weather that would generate the rise.

To many people bananas are considered an integral part of their diet and as these prices raise less and less people will continue to consume this healthy fruit. We can not take and reduce the cost of bananas nor can we tell you how to maintain a whole banana for future use but we can tell you how to take these tasty fruits and make them into something that is just as tasty – Banana butter. So while the price is still a bit on the reasonable side you may wish to consider making some of this emergency supplies while you can. This recipe will make approximately 6 to 8 pints of banana butter for your family.

Banana Butter


  • 3 cups of mashed banana. Three cups is approximately equal to 10 to 12 bananas
  • 1/4 of a cup of lemon juice
  • 1/2 of a cup of minced maraschino cherry
  • 7 cups of sugar
  • 6 ounces of liquid pectin

Step by Step

1. Measure the three cups of freshly mashed bananas in a saucepan.

2. Mix together the lemon juice, maraschino cherries and the sugar

3. Bring the mixture to a rapid boil and continue to boil for 1 complete minute

4. Stir the mixture continuously to prevent sticking

5. Remove from pan from the heat and stir the pectin into the mixture

6. Mix all the ingredients well

7. Ladle the completed butter into sterile hot jars and immediately seal

8. Process the jars in your boiling water bath at least for ten minutes per pints.

This may be of some help with the prices of bananas on the rise. At least your family can still enjoy the flavor of this wholesome fruit.


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