Spring Into The Sunny Season with Citrus for Your Guests

Spring Into The Sunny Season with Citrus for Your Guests

Outdoor entertaining is a welcome sign of spring, so how about some citrus-inspired home décor ideas to leave a bright impression on your guests? Sunkist lifestyle expert, Kimberly Schlegel Whitman has developed some easy and unexpected ways to dazzle them with California-grown citrus. She says no matter whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner with friends or a patio get-together with family, these citrus-inspired home décor ideas will add a memorable and refreshing touch:

Citrus Punch Bowl:

Citrus Punch Bowl

Punch bowls are back in fashion. For the perfect punch, make a large block of ice using a bundt pan. Fill it with slices of your favourite citrus and place it in the freezer for a few hours. Once ready, just add it to your favourite punch recipe and serve.

Citrus Centerpiece:

Citrus Centerpiece

Brighten your floral centerpiece with citrus. Simply sharpen the end of a discarded flower stem or use a wooden stick, pierce your favourite citrus and add it into your centerpiece. The citrus will add a beautiful pop of colour to your table.

Citrus Washcloths:

Citrus Washcloths

Preparing a tray of fresh citrus washcloths is a refreshing treat for your guests before or after a meal. Simply spritz damp washcloths with fresh squeezed lemon juice right before bringing them out to your guests. It’s a simple and surprising touch to elevate your home entertaining.

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Additional ways to use citrus creatively can be found online at Sunkist.com.

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