A Clean Leather Sofa in Four Easy Steps

A Clean Leather Sofa in Four Easy Steps

Furniture is expensive. So it is your best interest to take care of it. This article will teach you how to clean a leather sofa (couch). To begin with, gather all of your supplies:

Cloth for dusting (preferably a cloth with electrostatic properties is best so that the dust sticks to the cloth)

  • Bucket or Basin
  • Warm Water
  • Ivory Soap
  • A large soft sponge
  • A high quality leather conditioner (such as Lexol)
  • A small soft sponge sponge
  • A large soft cloth
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bed Sheets or clean blankets

(1) Start by removing the dust from the sofa with the dust cloth or rag. Next spread the sheets over the floor, remove the cushions, and place them on the sheets. Using sheets serves two purposes: first, so that you have a clean area to set the sofa cushions; and second, to protect the carpeting from the leather conditioner. Next, vacuum the interior of the sofa. Use a flat narrow tool on your vacuum so that you can reach deeply and remove all loose debris.

(2) Set the vacuum and dust cloth aside. Prepare a bowl of warm water and Ivory Soap. Yes, Ivory Soap, which is considered a “pure soap.” Immerse the large sponge in the soapy water and then wring out most of the water. (Suds are ok.) Doing this will give you a “damp dry sponge.” Wipe down all the leather surfaces of the sofa. The soap will remove greasy residue that has accumulated from people and cooking. As the sponge dries, re-immerse and wring it out again. You should not scrub the leather, but should wipe it gently and firmly. Continue this way until you have wiped down all leather surfaces. If the water becomes dirty partway through, then you should discard it and start with new water and soap. Once you have finished with all surfaces, then you can put the soap and large sponge away. Rinse out the bucket a fill it with a small amount of clean warm water.

(3) Immerse the small sponge into the clean water. Wring it out very well. Pour some of the leather conditioner onto the damp sponge and begin to rub it into the leather sofa. This process is akin to polishing a car: use small circular motions; you want to get a thin coat over the whole surface. As needed, add more conditioner to the sponge. Let it soak in for 20 to thirty minutes as you condition the rest of the leather. Once you are finished with the conditioner and sponge, you can put them away, along with the bucket. Note that you cannot store the conditioner-coated sponge in a plastic bag, because it will permeate through the bag. So either throw the sponge away or store it in a solid container.

(4) Finally, take the large soft cloth and buff the leather surfaces. Buff vigorously and with medium pressure until you see a brilliant shine. Then, reassemble the couch.

Disclaimer: This method may not work with all leathers. Check with the furniture manufacturer for specific instructions on your furniture.

The Author:

Penelope Pettikrew is known as the Speed Cleaning Queen. She has spent over 25 years optimizing her cleaning methods so that she could spend less time cleaning and more time with her daughter and husband. In her latest book, “Speed Cleaning Secrets Revealed,” she shares her techniques for getting the maximum amount of cleaning done in a minimum amount of time.

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  1. I did google search for how to clean a leather couch, and this article came up as a result. I have tried a few “leather cleaner” products, but none have had as affective results as using warm water and ivory soap. Thank you for sharing your tips.

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