Tips to Organize your Kitchen Storage with Canning and Jar Labels

Create a functional and spacious kitchen space with effective kitchen storage solutions. Canning labels, jar labels and cord tags are a great way to mark and organize kitchen items. Here are some helpful tips on how to organize your kitchen storage using cans and jars with labels.

Begin by identifying what areas of the kitchen need to be de-cluttered. Take a look at the kitchen cabinets and drawers and sort kitchen staples according to use and purpose. Creating zones in the kitchen space to store different types of kitchen supplies is a great way to organize with this space. Consider using Mason jars to store food items, kitchen essentials and tools. Clear-glass Mason jars are a good choice as they are widely available online or at kitchen supply stores in different sizes. Group mason jars in the kitchen cabinets based on their uses and cooking categories. Use jar labels on these Mason jars to identify the contents and to create an organizational system. Self-adhesive labels which have wipe-off surfaces such as chalkboard are a great idea. These jar labels can be reused multiple times.

Canning labels are a quick and easy way to organize the canned goods in your kitchen. Use them to organize pickles, jams and jellies. These canning labels are available in different styles and sizes and made from a wide range of materials so it’s easy to choose ones that suit your kitchen needs. Besides canned goods, these labels are perfect for organizing food items in the freezer. You can note down the date and contents on the freezer labels.

Another useful kitchen organization tools are hang tags. These tags come with colorful cords or natural twine. They can be easily secured around Mason jars, canning jars and even leftover wine bottles. Look for tags made from galvanized metal or wooden ones with chalkboard paint. This way the tags are reusable and can be used for different kitchen items.

Personalizing these labels to create an easy-to-understand storage system is easy. Stamp them with names and dates with the help of craft stamps. Choose a fun stamping kit with images of kitchen staples like fruits and veggies to add some visual appeal to the kitchen storage. The jar labels and canning labels can be color-coded according to the food items and kitchen ingredients.

These creative storage ideas are very helpful in organizing kitchen items, food and other essentials in the pantry, kitchen cabinets and the freezer.

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