Color Therapy and Diet

Taking care of food, water and air is very important for achieving good health and protecting it. To get oxygen which is the life force, one should regularly sit or walk in a place full of greenery. Food and water should be clean. One should be careful in buying groceries as these days adulteration is a common phenomenon.

Fried and spicy food and food items made of thickened milk and white flour are harmful. They ruin the digestive system, and make one susceptible to all kinds of diseases. Irregular meals and overeating are harmful too. One should take plenty of water. Chewing the food well and drinking water slowly is good for health. One who eats a little less than what the appetite demands, is seldom sick and is more active. A sick person has to be all the more careful about all the above details.

In color therapy, the effect of various foodstuff has been determined on the basis of their color, e.g. red colored vegetables and fruits produce heat, green vegetables are moderate and blue and white colored fruits and vegetables are cooling. The effect of food grains arid other edible things are also determined according to their color.

The same principle applies for wind, bile and phlegm, e.g. red colored fruits and vegetables produce bile, white vegetables and fruit produce phlegm and green vegetables are moderate in their after-effect.

Heat producing food should be given in case of cold, cough and other problems caused by phlegm. Cooling things are forbidden in these conditions e.g. curd, rice, radish, turnip, oranges etc. For ailments caused by bile, a cooling diet is recommended. The same theory applies to liquid food like fruit juice, vegetable soup, etc.

There is another feature of color therapy. All liquid food like milk, juice of vegetables or fruits, etc. should be kept for half an hour in an orange colored bottle before giving it to the patient. This process changes its phlegm producing tendency.

Generally there are two kinds of ailments—acute ones like fever, diarrhea, indigestion, cholera, etc. and chronic ailments which are of many types.

Solid food should not be given in acute ailments. Even liquids should be given in limited quantities, and only such liquids which are suitable. It is helpful to fast for a short period if there is high fever. Even in chronic ailments, all the points mentioned above should ‘be borne in mind. It will help to take a lot of fruits and vegetables, because they are easy to digest and do not strain the functions of other organs.

Diet to be given to a patient depends on his own constitution and the nature of his disease. The weather has also to be taken into account. Weak persons should not be given solid food. Liquid food like barley water, lime juice maybe given as required. Diet should be given in an easily digestible quantity. Sugar should be avoided as far as possible.

Non-vegetarian food is harmful, and should never be given to a sick person.

Today doctors and scientists from all over the world are warning us that meat can cause cancer and other incurable diseases and reduce longevity. Those who wish to remain healthy – physically, mentally and emotionally – should keep away from non-vegetarian food.

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