Color Therapy as a Home Remedy

Color Therapy

Color therapy is as natural as it is simple. It has already been mentioned that the basis of this therapy are the sun-rays, their energy, color and light. The Law of Nature is such that where there is light, there is energy and color; and light is where color is. There is warmth, coolness, and even weight in colors.

Dr. Reuben Amber has written that the coolness and warmth of colors can be measured. Place a thermometer in a glass of water and throw rays over it. Red rays will show heat and blue rays will show coolness.

If energy and weight are to be measured, take the tiny scale which is used for weighing gems and throw rays on the scale-pans which will tilt towards light.

Sun-rays are made up of seven colors as seen in the rainbow. Cut diamond and glass pieces also emit colors when placed in sunlight.

According to Jain scriptures, the primary colors are five- blue, red, black, yellow, and white. All other colors are combinations of these. This is an established fact. Out of the seven colors of the sun’s rays, there are three primary colors – red, yellow, and blue. The rest are their various combinations.

1. Orange – a combination of red and yellow.
2. Green – a combination of blue and yellow.
3. Violet – a combination of red and blue.
4. Indigo – a combination of blue and white colors.

Hundreds of different shades of colors are produced by mixing these five colors.

The seven colors of the sun-rays have therapeutic qualities. In other words, there are only seven medicines for all the ailments. The therapist has to choose one or two from these seven medicines which is very easy. To make it simpler the seven colors are divided into three groups, and only one from each group is needed for a particular ailment. There are several medicines in other systems like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Allopathy, etc., and every ailment needs one specific medicine. This is not easy. Quite often five to seven kinds of’ medicines or their combinations are needed for one single ailment.

What makes it even more difficult is that one medicine may be suitable for several ailments, and sometimes several medicines are equally suitable for one ailment.Medicines vary in quality. Their research and production is complicated too.

To produce medicines for color therapy is very simple. No grinding, mixing, pounding, and extracting the juice. Medicines of seven colors are produced automatically. Color therapy is so simple that a person of average intelligence and commonsense can practice it.

Even the colors of the clothes one wears, the color of the bed linen and of the room, can affect a patient. One can concentrate on the desired color and make it enter the body through the breath. By meditation any part of the body can be affected by the required color. Rays of any color can be made to enter the body with the help of colored glass.

This therapy is as inexpensive as it is simple. It is the most inexpensive of all the systems of medicine. Ordinary drinking water; dry, granulated sugar or oil in a colored bottle exposed to the sun become medicines.

Another specialty of this system is that the training is simple and of only a week’s duration while other systems take at least five to seven invaluable years to complete.

This system is totally non-violent, whereas in other systems the killing of living beings that goes with the training, is beyond one’s imagination.

Color therapy is as efficacious in curing mental and emotional disorders as in physical illness. Mental tension, and psychopathic conditions, can also be cured. Concentrating on colors can bring about a change in one’s feelings. Even the temperament can be changed and one can get rid of addiction to alcohol or drugs with the help of this therapy.

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