Color Therapy, The Most Natural Remedy

Color Therapy, The Most Natural Remedy

Of all the therapeutic systems based on medicines, color therapy is most natural.There are two reasons – first, the entire human body is full of colors. The body parts which are visible externally have different colors, and so have the internal organs. The brain, heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, intestines, bones, flesh, marrow, blood, all have different colors. If examined closely, even the cells in the body are found colored.

A famous specialist in color therapy has even said, “The entire human body is a mass of colors. If a part of the body is sick, besides its chemical balance, its color balance too is affected.” Color therapy restores the chemical and color balance and cures the disease. Color therapy excretes the foreign matter from the system that causes disease. It does not suppress the disease.

The other significant reason is that life and the development of the body depend mainly on solar energy, sun-rays, light, color and heat. This is a universally accepted fact in natural science. The sun is worshiped in India. Some consider it a deity and some call it God. It was an ancient practice not to eat until one had seen the sun.

Numerous tests and experiments have been carried out on the medicinal effect of sun-rays. Many of them, on plants, birds, animals and even humans, have been successful. Solar energy need not be limited only to the running of flour mills, heating water and cooking. This great energy can even make cars run.

When the sun is the life-force, the efficacy of color therapy which comes from sun-rays, can hardly be doubted. It is the law of nature that the closer a therapeutic system is to nature, the more efficacious it will be and its adverse side affects will be minimum. Strong toxic drugs are prescribed in other systems of medicine. Their reactions are also strong, sometimes proving fatal.

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