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Potpourri Or “Rotten Pot”

Today many of us enjoy having the fresh fragrances of potpourri in our homes and work places to enhance our overall enjoyment but did you know that originally it was a necessity?

How to Brighten Up Your Home with These Flower Arrangement Ideas

A beautiful flower arrangement piece can become the focal point of the room you choose to decorate. It's truly fascinating how we can combine...

Arrangements: They Don’t Always Need a Container

For years I've taught people how to glue foam into containers before they begin their arrangement. Now I`m going to tell you that you...

Grow a Wheatgrass Centerpiece

Whether the snow is still blowing outside or your spring bulbs are already making their appearance, garden fever is in the air. One way...

Cut Flowers – Tips and Tricks to Help Them Last Longer

How to make cut flowers last longer. Rose The roses are charming, but very sophisticated and pretentious flowers too. Here are some tricks to prolong the...

Aromatherapy Scents and Their Uses

In this article, we will look at the many benefits of the various scents included in aromatherapy. This will help you choose which scents can make the biggest impact on your life and needs.

Tips for Making Your Home Smell Pretty with Dried Lavender

Here are some tips for adding the scent of dried lavender to anywhere in your home.

Aromatic Gift Ideas

Simple Ideas for Homemade Potpourri Gifts Fragranced gifts are always popular and, with the wide availability of essential oils (natural oils obtained from plants), easy...

Pressed Flowers Note Cards

How to make beautiful pressed flowers note cards. Materials: Tweezers Flowers and Leaves (You can also use herbs) White absorbent paper Note Cards Construction paper...

How to Make Potpourri – Instructions and Recipes

Want to make some potpourri? Here is all the information and recipes you'll need to create your own scent for your home. Let's get started!

Drying Roses

In addition to their romantic role as a traditional Valentine’s Day token of affection, roses are a classic symbol of love and beauty. Red...

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