Tips for Making Your Home Smell Pretty with Dried Lavender

Tips for Making Your Home Smell Pretty with Dried Lavender

The scent of lavender has been proven to lift people’s spirits by fighting depression, can relax the mind after a grueling day, and can even help soothe body aches and pains. When used in our homes, lavender can enhance our moods and make life more enjoyable. There are many ways to use the power of lavender and incorporate that power into our daily lives. These gorgeous purple flowers can be dried and used either in stalk form or through the dried buds of its flowers. You can also purchase lavender essential oil for a highly concentrated source that will give a tremendous amount of aromatherapy with using only a few drops of the oil.

Dried lavender on the stalks can be used to create gorgeous wreaths or a dried flower arrangement. Wreaths with solid lavender all around make a dramatic purple accent to any room while adding a fragrant scent that lasts for months. If the stalks need refreshing, a little spray from an atomizer filled with lavender essential oil is the perfect solution.

If you either want to tone down the lavender scent in your wreath or don’t have a lot of purple in your décor, you can always use a few sprigs here and there to add a touch of purple and a hint of fragrance to your setting.

A dried flower arrangement is the perfect place to add lavender. Again, you can intensify the impact of the color and scent of this flower by filling a vase or basket with just lavender. A few stalks here and there can be used to add pizzazz to an existing arrangement. The bathroom and bedroom are great areas for dried lavender because, respectively, it hides odors and brings relaxation. This is why when you go to the spa or to a massage therapist they always use lavender to enhance the ambiance for their clients.

Essential oils are simply the scented components of the lavender flower that have been added to a liquid for easy application; this is usually oil, but can also be in an alcohol-based liquid such as cologne. Oils are wonderful because they hold the scent for a longer time when applied to the skin or to sachet or fabric. Dating back to ancient times, lavender has been used in soaps and laundry to soften skin and give fragrance to clothing. You can purchase essential oils from a perfumery shop, natural foods store, or online.

Here are some tips for adding the scent of dried lavender to anywhere in your home:

Moisten a cotton ball with a few drops of lavender oil and add it to your vacuum cleaner canister or bag. It will fill your entire home with its wonderful scent!

Spray or drop some essential oil onto a washcloth and throw it in with your laundry in the dryer.

Place a shallow dish filled with lavender buds next to your bed to help induce sleepiness at night.

Add a dried flower arrangement or wreath anywhere in your home where you want to enjoy the light, continuous fragrance of lavender.

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