Cranberry Extract to Treat and Prevent Bladder Infection

Cranberry plants are low creeping shrubs or vines around 2 meters in length. These plants first produce deep pink flowers with distinct and reflexive petals. These flowers are pollinated by bees and are slowly turned into berries. Initially, the berries are white and turn into dark red once they are ripe. The cranberry extract is commonly recommended for people with bladder problems. That is because it contains more than 200 acids and vitamin C.

A bladder infection is a bacterial infection which affects any part of the urinary tract. If the bacteria enters the bladder and multiplies then it causes UTI viz Urinary Tract Infection. If not treated on time, they can prove to be dangerous and causes cystitis and pyelonephritis. This means there can be inflammation of the bladder or a kidney stone. 85% of UTIs are caused by a bacterium called E coli. Cranberry contains proanthocyanidins molecules which keep the bacteria away from the bladder wall.

Cranberry prevents the bacterial infection from entering the urinary tract, thereby curing and preventing bladder infections. It is also recommended by doctors for people having chronic bladder issues. Whether one takes a capsule or drinks cranberry juice, it is necessary that the body receives concentrated cranberry extract. A lot of people take cranberry for bladder issues even before visiting the doctor. Even if the doctors prescribe medicine, having cranberry juice along with it wont cause any harm to you. However, the juice should be 100% cranberry juice with no additional flavors added to it. Hence, it is best to have cranberry juice at home. For severe infections, cranberry juice is substituted with cranberry capsules. Sometimes, the same is done for mild infections as well. That is because capsules have higher percentage of concentrated cranberry, and are known to cure faster than cranberry juice. Generally, it is recommended to consult the doctor before beginning to have cranberry supplements so as to avoid complications and also to keep away from any kind of allergies.

Even if a person is not suffering from bladder infections, simply having cranberry extract regularly shall prevent the same. Cranberry not only prevents the bacteria from entering the urinary tract, but also support the growth of friendly bacteria. They also accelerate the process of urination and increase the levels of acidity in urine which is why it is very difficult for bacteria to adhere to the lineage of urinary tract. Thus, to prevent Urinary Tract Infection or UTI, all one has to do is take a 400 mg Cranberry Capsule or drink unsweetened Cranberry juice daily.

This crop is commonly grown in North America. It was named cranberry because the flower looked a lot like the head of the crane. It is a major commercial crop in American cities of Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin. So far, there hasnt been any proven downside of a Cranberry extract. Hence, a daily dose of Cranberry is good for health and helps keep your bladder clean and infection free at the same time.

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