Nutrition Facts of Cranberry, Berry of Cranes

Nutrition Facts of Cranberry, Berry of Cranes

Any plant was created by nature for common good and the task of a man is to understand its purpose right. Cranberries can be compared with rubies by beauty and with a storehouse of vitamins by their valuables.

Cranberry is found on the banks of rivers, in rare mossy forests, peat swamps in the forest and forest-tundra regions. By the time of the gathering this berry can be subdivided into spring (nival) and autumn. Spring berry is much tastier, but it does not contain the great amount of vitamins unlike autumn one.

Benzoic and citric acids containing in cranberry, protect it from spoilage very well. Frozen cranberries keep the freshness well throughout the winter. In spring cranberries are stored in removable cold water.

Cranberry is very popular, due to the fact that it contains the great amount of vitamins and minerals, such as pectin, glycosides, vitamins C and P. Cranberry is used as antipyretic, refreshing and antiscorbutic mean. Cranberry enhances the secretion of the gastrointestinal tract’s glands. It is used for treatment of gastritis. Cranberry is taken during cold and bronchitis. You need to take a glass of cranberry juice and add two tablespoons of honey. Drink a half of glass per a day.

Cranberry juice reduces inflammation of the kidneys well, particularly pyelonephritis. Cranberry juice improves immunity, cleanses blood vessels, and lowers blood pressure. Taking diluted juice mixed with beet juice, you are able to restore the disturbed metabolism. Cranberry is very useful for future mothers.

You can cook the jellies, mousses, jam, fruit drinks, sauces, and creams from cranberry. Sure you eat the cranberry sauce for turkey, which is very popular dish in America. Berries are gently kneaded and put in saucepan. Then you should add some water, a spoonful of honey and lightly boil. Chilled sauce is poured over slices of turkey on a plate

And here’s another recipe. Mix wine and orange juice in a bowl and then add the cranberries and powdered sugar. Mix everything and put on the fire, wait for a boiling and boil for about 30 minutes. Then the sauce is cooled, mixed in the blender and seasoned with a lemon peel.

Let’s try to make a delicious dessert from cranberry. It is not difficult.

• 220 g fresh cranberry
• 120 g whipped cream
• 40 g honey
• 100 g yogurt
• thinly sliced almonds for decoration

Clean cranberries and boil in a small amount of water. When cranberry becomes mild, remove it from heat, add honey, mix and get cold. Gently add yogurt in the whipped cream. Add yogurt and cream with cranberries and mix everything carefully. Put a mixture in the rosettes, decorate with almonds and serve immediately.

My tip: You can eat this dessert with homemade cookies or biscuits. Instead of yogurt, you can use sour cream and instead of almonds, take chopped hazelnuts. In summer you can change cranberries with red currant.

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