Create The Ultimate Home Spa

Create The Ultimate Home Spa

Of all spaces to renovate in your home, the bathroom might be the most rewarding and best investment. Create a room that’s serene and indulgent with these DIY tips for an at-home spa haven that don’t require a full overhaul.

Soothing Colors

A simple coat of paint in calming hues of aqua, sage green or lilac can transform the feel of your space instantly and take it from drab to dreamlike.

Favorite Candles

With their warm glow and soothing scents, candles are a staple of the home spa. Mix and match your favourite fragrances with unscented ones to boost the glowing comfort without creating a muddled scent. Set the mood using Bic’s new EZ Reach Lighter; an extended wand makes it easier to light hard-to-reach places. They also come in a variety of colours so you can coordinate with your home décor.

Deluxe Fixtures

A small update that makes a major impact, swapping out your faucets, drawer pulls and cupboard handles for sleeker fixtures can add instant luxury, not to mention savings if you choose an eco-friendly option. A new rainfall showerhead is also one of the easiest ways to find spa-like indulgence every day.

Purifying Plants

Tuck plants of varying size in a corner or in a vertical garden to make your home spa feel like a jungle oasis. Choose low-maintenance, humidity-happy greenery such as bromeliads, air plants, bamboo or golden pothos. You’ll also benefit from their air purifying properties, so you can leave your new spa feeling refreshed.

Going All Out

If you’re inclined to take on a bigger project and have room in your budget, consider upgrading to heated floors, building a private outdoor shower or installing a basement home sauna for maximum comfort and luxury.

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