Creating Beautiful Storage Space – Where None Exists!

Creating Beautiful Storage Space - Where None Exists!

If you want a golden rule for home decorating that will fit everybody, this is it: “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” -William Morris. I have decided to use this quote as my motto for the year and have tried to incorporate this belief while attempting to declutter my home. However, have you noticed that while most all organizational aids are very useful they are not always beautiful! Can’t they be both?

Finding beautiful organizational tools to enjoy in your home does not happen by accident and won’t be accomplished by running down to the hardware store on a Saturday afternoon. With careful planning of future purchases you can create beautiful storage space even where none existed before!

Quality Furnishings

Although beauty is defined by many people in different ways, I would suggest that filling your home with beautiful organizational tools should start with quality. Instead of looking for a quick fix it solution, shop with the idea that this will be a permanent feature in your home for many years to come. I like to use the colorful, empty wet wipe containers to organize my children’s small toys and other plastic organizers are fine hidden away behind the laundry room door or in the garage. But look for quality attractive organizers for the main living area’s of your home that you can be proud to display. If your home office needs file drawers look for products that have beauty not just functionality. I love my wire and wicker file drawers and have also found a wide variety of stained oak, stainless steel or leather bound office organizers available as well.

Careful Planning

Unless you have a budget primarily for organizing your home, it will take time and planning to purchase and create beautiful storage options.

Start by making a list of any furnishings or home decorating purchases you expect to make in the following year. Can any of those items be turned into storage space as well as their normal function? With careful planning furniture purchases can be a beautiful organizational solution.

Double Duty Furnishings

For example, If you are wanting to purchase a couch or recliner in the near future shop for options that include a magazine rack attached to the side of the furniture. Many styles of beds, coffee tables and end tables often come with drawers underneath as well. If you are needing a bench for the entryway look for a piece that may work double duty as a blanket chest or in the very least offers a shelf underneath. A roll top desk may be a little more expensive but the storage space and ability to hide the clutter may be worth the additional cost in it’s useful years to come.

Yesteryears apothecary tables are very popular today and are available in a wide variety of furnishings from Compact disc side tables, lamp bases with small drawers for organizing and even spice drawers for the kitchen. These attractive drawer furnishings “extend” the storage and look great on a bedroom dresser to organize jewelry or where pockets can be emptied after a day at work. They are also great on top of a sewing machine to hold notions or on the kitchen counter for twist ties and rubber bands.

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