Affordable Storage Ideas

There are really only 3 main things to remember when you are trying to organize and store items in your home.

1. Eliminate

If you have not used it in a year – get rid of it! Don’t hold onto household items with the idea that you will use it “someday”.

2. Label

Find a specific place for everything. Label boxes, shelves, doors or containers so that everyone in the household knows what goes where.

3. Group

Cluster things that are similar and are most likely to be used together. For example store the baking items in a cupboard for baking, light-bulbs near the step-stool, etc.

With these items in mind there are many affordable and creative ideas you can use in finding unusual storage space in your home.

Children’s Storage Ideas

A child-size bench can make a inexpensive bedside bookshelf that can be purchased unpainted and finished to match your child’s room.

You can also use empty rectangle, plastic, diaper wet-wipe containers to store small toys and blocks. Available in primary colors or pastels, wipe containers can be used with the flip up lid left on or removed to make a see-through bin. Label the recycled containers with a permanent marker to help children learn to sort their toys into the correct bin. If you decide to store a different group of toys the label can be erased with a dry paper towel and finger nail polish remover.

If your child has room under their bed add 4 rolling wheels to a yard sale dresser drawer. Most twin beds can accommodate 2 or more drawers and make for easy toy cleanup.

Use a hanging shoe bag for kids to organize small stuffed animals or Barbie dolls. Add a skirt to a desk or bookshelves to hide storage boxes and make the room look neat and tidy. Install hooks to the back of children’s doors to hang backpacks and coats. Hardware stores offer a long cork and metal running board that can be installed to hang artwork or notes.

Household Storage

Decorating empty coffee cans, chip cylinders and cookie tins or wooden craft boxes make great looking storage containers that can be used in virtually any room in the house. Boxes can be decorated with left over wall paper scraps, colored corrugated paper and twine or sponge art. Be sure and label your items when the boxes are finished!

Decorative screens are a popular way to define a rooms space or maintain privacy. Adding fabric pockets to the panels are a fun way to add storage options. Use the pockets to organize magazines, newspaper, unopened mail or your sewing project.

Bathroom towels can be stored attractively stacked and rolled up in a over sized wicker basket. Towels or magazines can also be hung from an antique wooden ladder in your bathroom. Use wall mounted baskets attached to shelf brackets for a attractive shelf that can hold bathroom supplies or home office paperwork. A picture frame or bulletin board can be made out of pre-made vinyl or cedar lattice as well.

Be creative and try to think of alternative uses for normal household items and you will be surprised at the simple storage solutions you can come up with.

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