Getting Organized for Micro-Space Living

Getting Organized for Micro-Space Living

I’m not talking about futuristic living in outer space but living in a small space on earth!

Under Bed Storage

If it is available make a priority of utilizing under bed storage. Measure under bed area so you have clearance and use those measurements when you shop for containers that will fit. You might consider moth proof containers. A good rule of thumb is minimum of three containers so that area doesn’t become one giant black hole to sort through. Do the best you can to make sure there is nothing blocking the ease of access to that area.

Pare Down on Clothing

  • Pick two coordinating colors of basics (ex; navy, tan)
  • Try to have no more than two of each of these: pants, jackets and sweaters, skirts, dresses, shoes (this does not include your two favorite jeans and tennis shoes).
  • Limit oneself to eight warm weather tops and eight cool weather tops (long and short sleeves included). Remember to go along with your two  coordinating color family basics. To keep wardrobe from being boring you can use a layered look of both seasons.
  • In a small space one cannot afford to be eclectic with any thing other than a few accessories like jewelry, scarves and maybe a vest or two.

Look at some of the most famous fashionable women like Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and her famous mother in law, they wore basics and that look is still considered very chic. Choose your favorite jewelry design and make that “your” famous signature piece.

Stackable Milk Crate Storage

Stackable milk crate storage can go to the ceiling! Secure pieces together with plastic wire ties (you can find them near cable tv section in your nearby super store). Ties can be cut if you need to change configurations the height or width.

Curtain Rod

One over looked storage area is the curtain rod! Of course you don’t want to hang anything too heavy there. Maybe an empty back pack or even a food basket!

Ceiling Storage

Another over looked storage area is the ceiling! The beauty of ceiling storage is it’s inexpensive and easy. You can get plant hooks just about anywhere along with chains, S hooks and eye hooks of various thickness and lengths. If you cant drill, try liquid nail for ceiling hooks. With four plant hooks , four eye hooks, four pieces of chain and a board you can work storage wonders! With a eye hook in each corner of the board attach chain and hook on to plant hook on ceiling.

Often you wont have to do either if you have metal dividers with ceiling tile. -they make special hangers for those already. You may need a metal or plastic anchor (or molly bolt) so you can be free of the worry something crashing down on your head!

Space Above The Door

Don’t miss the space above the door. I have book shelves over our doors here at home and the are functional as well as pleasing to the eye.


Easy shelf recipe: two plant hanger brackets, they come in various sizes, one board (no wider than the bracket it self) To install brackets you may need an anchor or molly bolt. Align brackets to side and top of door molding (do not go above door molding as you will use door molding to help support board).

Storing Inside

Ever seen those figurines that stack one inside the other? Use the principle of storing something inside something else. Store clean socks inside unused shoes, mittens inside hats and extra sheets and blankets under the mattress. Put your detective hat on to look for more opportunities to use this type of storage.

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