Cutting Mat – Putting Them to Use Efficiently for Slicing Cloth

The cutting mat is certainly a flexible type of mat that can be used for a plethora of arts and crafts endeavors. Well known projects include sewing, quilt making, paper crafts, wood crafts, etc.

In this particular post we are going to be discussing about actions that may help you effectively and correctly use the cutting mat for sewing. This involves making use of the mat and your rotary blades for cutting textiles as well as cloth.

The guidelines here may really need to be performed many instances just before you grasp them but the moment you are used to it you will be able to cut different styles of material speedily and very easily.

Step 1 – First off ensure that you choose a top quality cutting mat, ideally a self healing cutting mat. This is important mainly because you want a mat that will actually both get the job done well and last you plenty of years.

Also, when working with a cutting mat for sewing, don’t forget to select a mat that has numerous measurements as well as angles. This attribute will certainly help make the procedure simpler and more quickly.

Step 2 – To begin with, ensure that you simply position your self healing cutting mat level on a surface. Get the bottom side of the mat near to the bottom side on the desk. The vertical and horizontal borders of the mat need to also be lined up on the desk.

Step 3 – Please note of the measurements of the cutting mat and make sure you understand what it means. Evaluate the angles found in the mat as well.

Step 4 – Make sure that you iron out the cloth first just before you cut. This makes the fabric easier to be managed and tends to make for a more precise cut.

Step 5 – Place the fabric above the cutting mat. Be certain you do not cover up the measurement on the corners on the mat. You could adjust the sides of the cloth as you see fit making the cutting quicker for you.

Step 6 – Get the rotary ruler, ideally a clear or transparent one, and set it at the top of the cloth. Be sure that you simply line-up the ruler to the measurements or figures in the mat on the vicinity which you want to cut. Use both the ruler as well as the sides of the mat to assist you when cutting.

Step 7 – Now that you are in a position to cut the fabric, apply downward force to both the ruler plus the self healing cutting mat whilst you utilize your rotary cutter. If perhaps it is your first time to be doing this then carefully do this task first to make sure you avoid any blunders. It’s a good strategy to train on some old material first!

Step 8 – You can easily move the ruler around if you desire to cut distinct facets or shapes. Be sure however to avoid shifting the mat and ruler throughout the cutting procedure to help keep it accurate.

Step 9- Always make sure the placement of the ruler just before cutting to make sure that it is the correct size of cut you want to create.

For the techniques above you can use an ordinary cutting mat however I greatly recommend that you simply go for a self healing mat for quality as well as longevity.

Hopefully these methods can help you to work with your cutting mat a lot more efficiently when cutting.

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Robert Garciasta has been in the arts and crafts pastime since she was a little girl and loves to share her crafts knowledge. Find the top quality self healing cutting mat she highly suggests by clicking this link.

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    1. For a beginner upholsterer, I would suggest a cutting mat that is at least 24 inches by 36 inches. This size will allow you to comfortably cut most upholstery fabrics and materials without having to constantly reposition them on the mat. Additionally, a larger mat can help improve accuracy in your cuts as you have more space to work with.

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