Ways to Decorate an Outdoor Area with Butterflies

Ways to Decorate an Outdoor Area with Butterflies

Butterflies bring a considerable amount of beauty to outdoor spaces, and they are one of the most popular icons of the garden. They feed on the nectar of flowers, and they prefer certain varieties over others. Those looking for ways to decorate an outdoor area with butterflies can use specific flowers and flowering bushes to draw butterflies to an outdoor area, and they can decorate a patio or deck with eye-catching butterfly décor that can be displayed outside. Ponder the following easy ways to embellish a specific location with butterflies when seeking ways to decorate an outdoor area. With the addition of plants that draw butterflies and beautiful art, it is possible to enjoy an outdoor location embellished by lively winged gems as well as beautiful faux varieties that will greatly enhance an outdoor haven for relaxation.

Butterfly Bushes

Some of the loveliest blooming foliage that attracts butterflies is commonly known as butterfly bushes, and they thrive in USDA hardiness zones five through ten. Not only do the elongated masses of fragrant tiny blooms attract butterflies including skippers, swallowtails, and monarchs, but they also provide a wall of privacy in an outdoor area when they reach their maximum height. A multitude of varieties are available, and they come in a rainbow of eye-catching colors.

Russian Sage

Consider Russian sage when gardening in USDA hardiness zones six through nine. Russian sage is an excellent choice when striving to decorate an outdoor area with live butterflies. These blooms are delightfully fragrant and exceptionally tolerant of dry conditions. They produce beautiful spiked blooms that will enhance the beauty of an outdoor area while attracting monarchs and many other amazing butterflies.

Decorate an Outdoor Table with Painted Butterfly Motifs

When searching for ways to decorate an outdoor area with butterflies, consider stenciling or stamping butterfly graphics on an outdoor wooden table with latex craft paint. Use a paintbrush to add details, and after the paint dries completely, cover the design with clear sealant. Follow product label instructions for best results, and the beauty of butterflies will be admired and enjoyed all year long.

Purple Coneflower

The purple coneflower is another fantastic plant that will undoubtedly decorate an outdoor area with dozens of beautiful butterflies. The flowers resemble a daisy with a puffed center, and it is exceptionally hardy in USDA zones three through nine. As well as attracting harvesters, wood nymphs, silver spotted skippers, swallowtails, and fritillaries, it will also help create a low privacy wall that can reach heights of three feet. Purple coneflowers would look lovely when planted in between butterfly bushes with white, pink, or yellow blooms.

Metal Butterfly Decor

Plants are not the only ways to decorate an outdoor area with butterflies. Beautiful butterfly décor can add a tremendous amount of color and design to an outdoor area. Select tabletop art or three-dimensional metal wall art that depicts butterflies, and protect the metal from inclement weather with exterior clear acrylic spray. When unsure, test acrylic spray in an inconspicuous area to make sure it looks as good as expected.


Another live plant that attracts caterpillars and butterflies is the fennel, and it is considered a host plant. The leaves provide food for caterpillars, and the blooms attract a variety of butterflies including beautiful black swallowtails. Caterpillars that will eventually become stunning butterflies are attracted to fennel plants. The fern-like foliage and eye-catching blooms make them a wonderful choice for the garden.


To attract silvery checkerspot, fritillary, and pearl crescent butterflies to an outdoor area, plant sunny marigolds. They are low-growing blooming plants that have brightly colored blooms. In any case they will bring color and beauty to an outdoor space, and the seeds can be harvested to plant the following growing season.

Provide Butterfly Food on a Colorful Plate

Another method to attract butterflies to an outdoor area that does not include live plants involves providing food. Locate an attractive weatherproof plant, and mount it on top of a wooden pole using epoxy glue. Place the butterfly feeder in an area with plants that attract butterflies once the glue has dried. Use very ripe bananas, pears, watermelon, or tomatoes to attract and feed beautiful winged creatures that are native to your particular location.


Monarch butterflies love milkweed plants, and contrary to popular belief, milkweed plants are not ugly weeds. Milkweeds produce beautifully detailed and delicate blooms, and they grow well in USDA hardiness zones three through nine. Add milkweed plants to your butterfly garden, and beautiful monarchs will use them as host plants and a valuable source of food.


Asters are gorgeous flowers, and they are available in a wide variety of colors. Their beautiful blooms are fringed around the edges, and their nectar draws butterflies including pearl crescents and sulphurs. They are said to grow in USDA hardiness zones six through eleven, but they will also thrive in zone five. Besides attracting butterflies, asters can grow quite tall, and they also make a beautiful semi-private fence during the height of the growing season.


Flowers known as stonecrop are more commonly referred to as sedum, and they thrive in USDA hardiness zones four through eight. They naturally attract the variegated fritillary, monarchs, and painted ladies. Consider adding this flowering plant to an outdoor area to attract countless butterflies. Not only will they attract winged beauties, but they will also add brilliant color and design to the garden with their eye-catching blooms.

Try the aforementioned ways to decorate an outdoor area with live butterflies and beautiful works of art. Live butterflies and works of butterfly art will create a serene and relaxing area for sitting and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Nothing quite compares to the splendor of the butterfly. No matter the species, they are a widely admired representation of spring, summer, and fall. Butterflies will remain forever popular and loved by people that appreciate their natural and unparalleled beauty.

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