Comfortable Home Décor Inspired by The Great Outdoors

Natural Instincts: Comfortable Home Décor Inspired by The Great Outdoors

Be inspired by nature this season to create a home filled with individual style. Bring in the textures and colors that you love most from the great outdoors for a perfect retreat all your own. Mother Nature’s earthy influence on the home this season is evident with color palettes of golds, greens and browns, tabletops made of rustic stone or wood, and lots of wicker.

“It is now easier than ever to bring the elements of nature indoors with fabrics, materials and finishes that reflect the soothing qualities found in one’s own garden or patio,” said Stephanie Voss, director of marketing for Arhaus Furniture, a 21-store, lifestyle retailer of fine home furnishings.

Colors Inspired by Nature

The colors of nature truly come into play in this year’s fabric selections. “For upholstery, we’re seeing lots of nature-inspired prints such as botanicals and tropical-themed toiles,” said Voss. Also, watch for earth-toned stripes or textures in bold shades of pistachio, lime, celadon, gold, amber or even sky blue. “We are seeing a lot of fabric mixes with floral cotton slipcovers that are reminiscent of those found in vintage European cottages,” she said. For example, the slip covered Ashton sofa from Arhaus is shown combining the charm of an English garden-style cotton floral with a fresh green stripe on its ottoman.

For a soothing, outdoorsy environment, Voss suggests starting with a neutral color palette such as taupe, gray, sand, terracotta, or grass green. Green is a particularly versatile color because of its ability to work with warm or cool hues in a room, and it mixes well with dark or warm-toned woods. When a room has a neutral backdrop, it is easy to add a variety of nature-inspired accent pieces, such as a stone coffee table, linen slipcover or accessories that bring a hint of the outdoors into the setting.

Natural Materials

Materials such as wood, stone, wicker, copper, linen or cotton, cherished for their natural beauty and earthy colors, can be used to give any room sophisticated variations of tone and texture. “We’re seeing a huge resurgence of natural materials in home décor,” said Voss. “Families are looking for furniture that combines easy care with an inviting natural charm.”

Voss said wicker furniture is making a big comeback in today’s nature-inspired home designs. Typically reserved for the outdoors, this simple, light furniture can be brought into the foyer, breakfast area or bedroom. The Market Wicker collection from Arhaus adapts to any room with its vintage, hand-rubbed white finish and easy-going cotton cushions.

Watch for home furnishings with rustic details such as the pits, knots and natural graining found in select hardwoods like cherry, teak, or pine. These inherent, individual characteristics add uniqueness and natural beauty to any room. A family-friendly wax finish on woods allows these natural characteristics to be enjoyed and grow more beautiful with time and use.

Many natural materials, like stone, are easier than ever to incorporate into home décor. Not only is stone durable, it also takes on a beautiful patina with frequent use. For example, the Firenze dining table by Arhaus, with its stone mosaic top and wrought-iron base, brings a substantial, elemental elegance to casual al fresco dining. Pieces of granite, travertine, and marble are hand-selected and set to mimic the intricate patterns found in Italian mosaic floors.

Metals are also beautiful, durable materials to introduce into any room setting. Copper and wrought iron are a gorgeous combination that creates an earthy elegance. Inspired by this look, Arhaus has developed a collection of copper tables that lend a distinctive natural presence to any room; add rush-seat dining chairs to complete the look.

Natural Lighting

Sunlight is one of the most important elements of a natural setting. To let it in, use a light touch at your windows with bamboo shades or a nubby natural linen fabric. Or dress your windows with wooden shutters to easily control the amount of light filtered into the room.

Decorative lamps are more beautiful than ever this season. Look for table lamps with ornate wooden beads, crystals, or earth-toned silk lampshades in greens or browns. A new trend in lamps includes interesting wrought-iron bases in tree-like shapes or beautiful natural stone pedestals.

Candlelight brings a relaxing atmosphere to the home. Use this natural lighting as a centerpiece, surrounded with fresh moss, flowers, or shells reminiscent of a special outdoor place.

The Finishing Touch: 7 Ways to Accessorize The Natural Way

* Use rugs made of sisal — a fibrous, rope-like material — throughout your home to add natural texture and a neutral backdrop.
* Place vases, trays and bowls made of wood, stone or marble atop occasional tables and fireplace mantels.
* Fill a tray or bowl with shells, pebbles, vegetables, grains, live grass or any other natural material.
* Arrange branches of birch or bamboo in a tall vase.
* Tuck chunky, hand-woven baskets or storage containers into corners or bookshelves.
* Let natural light filter through hand-blown glass to give off a soft, watery glimmer.
* Place fountains indoors to create a sense of tranquility.

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