Decorating with Chocolate Brown Tones

Decorating with Chocolate Brown Tones

Rich tones of chocolate hue can bath a space in lavish luxury, creating walls which seem to writhe with contrast and focal points that draw you in to their luxurious folds. Many designers consider chocolate to be the new black in interiors, mainly because this color is compatible with so many different hues across the spectrum. And yet with these dark browns you don’t have to worry about bathing a room in gloom, as the complex nature of the colors will help to add interest and beauty to your spaces.

One of the most important things to do when decorating a room with these rich colors is to pair them with plenty of neutral tones in order to offset and contrast them. Colors such as sandy beige, pure white, pale gray, and straw yellow are all great for pairing with your darker browns. You want to create a dichotomy of contrast between walls and furnishings in order to ensure that each aspect of color is appreciated fully.

As far as accent colors there are a wide variety of hues that go perfect with chocolate. Imagine lavish browns paired with a bright fern greens, gentle golden tones, barn red, sage, or even just placed against a bright white backdrop, to show the depth of its dark colors.

When pairing colors in a space it’s often a good idea to use a pattern from a piece of cloth as a guide. As long as it contains a variety of matched hues, each of those colors can be used, in proportions equal to the pattern, throughout the room. If possible, this pattern can then be incorporated into linens or sheets or applied to surfaces as a way of drawing the space together.

One of the most luxurious ways to use these rich brown colors in your home is through the use of leather accessories. There are few materials more stylish or contemporary then leather, and it is available in a wide variety of shades allowing you to choose pieces which perfectly match your palette.

Another option is to seek out dark hardwood furnishings that have rich brown stain finishes. These pieces are especially good in a room that is painted a lighter color, acting as focal accents throughout the space. Alternatively you can use lighter color wood furniture with golden stains or painted finishes to brighten up a room with dark chocolate walls.

One of the best accessories to match with these colors is natural plants with thick green leaves. These are already matched to the dark tones of the wood, and the vibrant green of the leafing plants can add color and vigor to a room that might otherwise be a little dark.

Chocolate hues are some of the richest and most luxurious colors in your decorating palette. Pair them with brighter, lighter, neutral colors to create contrasting energy in the space. More vibrant hues can then be placed throughout as focal points to really make your rooms pop.

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