Spray Paint Home Decor Tips

Spray Paint Home Decor Tips

You may not know it yet, but spray paint can be your home décor best friend. A lot easier and less messy than traditional acrylic paints, it can be used to give a fresh look to almost any item or surface. Whether you want to give a soft glaze to your bedroom walls or a new style to some old furnishings, spray paint is often the easiest and most cost effective way to go.

Spray paint can be purchased in almost any color and in a wide variety of  finishes. A can usually costs only a couple of dollars, and because the process is self contained, you don’t need to purchase ancillary items such as brushes, rollers, paint trays, or thinner.

One popular way to use spray paint is to touch up wooden items around the home. Shelves, furniture, mirrors, and picture frames can all be given a fresh look with a little bit of color. Make sure that you remove glass from mirrors and picture frames, as well as shelves and drawers from surrounding wooden structures, in order to avoid getting paint somewhere you don’t want.

Before you start, use a piece of sandpaper to gently sand the wooden surface. You don’t want to press too hard and risk scratching the wood or causing the surface to become uneven. It’s also not necessary to completely remove previous coats of finish. Instead all you want to do is lightly score the material so that the paint will be able to soak into it a little easier.

Spray paint should always be used in a very well ventilated area. Ideally you will want to take the process outside. Make sure that it’s not a particularly windy day, and be aware of your surroundings as a gust of wind can carry a spray of the color somewhere you might not want. A tarp or some sort of disposable backing may be necessary to ensure that you don’t get paint on the ground.

When you begin, hold the can about 6-12 inches away from the surface. As you spray, make sure that your hand is constantly moving. If you linger in one place too long you risk concentrating the paint and causing it to drip down the side. Try to get a very light even coat on the surface the first time around. It’s better to apply several light coats, layering the color on gently rather than rushing and ending up with a sloppy finish.

You can also use brushed metallic spray paints to touch up old metal objects such as lamps, ceiling fans, and fixtures. Before applying the paint these items should be taken apart, and glass, cords, bulbs, and electrical parts should all be removed. If you can’t remove something make sure it is thoroughly covered in painters tape. Then simply apply 1-3 very light coats of spray paint until you have the desired color that you want. Pre sanding isn’t necessary for non wooden items.

Spray paint is also particularly good in outdoor applications. Special plastic adhering paint can be purchased for plastic lawn chairs, and regular spray paint can be used to touch up hardwood and whicker furnishings. You can also apply color to barbecues, radiators, doors, shutters, glass, and outdoor equipment, allowing you to completely transform the look of your lawn.

Spray paint is a versatile tool in your decorative arsenal. It allows you to touch up old items, giving them a fresh look for just a few dollars worth of paint. Application and clean up is easy, and the whole process is relatively self contained within the can, allowing you to clean up afterwards in a snap.

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This article was provided courtesy of PebbleZ and their line of attractive outdoor bistro tables, which are crafted from real pieces of mosaic stone and treated for indoor or outdoor use. The article itself was written by Joey Pebble.

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