Ear Candling- The Alternative to Removing Ear Wax

Ear Candling- The Alternative to Removing Ear Wax

The ears are an important part of ones senses allowing us to hear noises, sounds and vibrations. Because the internal workings of the ear are so delicate they are protected by earwax. Earwax, also known as cerumen is yellowish brown waxy substance that is secreted into the ear canal. It protects the ear canal by trapping bacteria, fungi, insects and water before it can get into the internal ear. Although, war wax was originally intended to assist the ear in cleaning and protection if too much earwax is present it can be harmful. Excess earwax can cause impaction or blockage in the ear. This can lead to soreness, pain, difficulty hearing, ringing or tinnitus, dizziness, and ultimately deafness. Removing earwax can be a simple and painless procedure done on a regular basis to avoid the excess build up of earwax.

Throughout time alternative medicine practices have developed many methods of getting desired medical outcomes in an on traditional fashion. Such is the case of removing earwax. Alternative medicine has developed ear candling a way to remove dirt, debris, and excess earwax from the ear. In most cases traditional medicine abhors anything that is different than the standard norm. The same applies for ear candling for which traditional medical practitioners claim is dangerous and ineffective. However, the numbers of people who start and continue to use ear candling continues to rise and there are plenty of followers who rely on ear candling. Needless to say, people are still going to continue to use alternative medical practices even if traditional medical professionals do not praise them.

Ear candling assert to relieve symptoms of sinus pressure, pain, improve hearing, relieve ear infections and earaches, stops tinnitus, relieve vertigo, decrease TMJ pain and stiffness, reduce stress and tension, cur Menieres syndrome, and cure swimmers ear. Ear candling is a process by which one end of a hollow candle is placed in a subject’s ear, while the other end is lit. Ear candles are made of linen or cotton soaked in wax or paraffin shaped into a cone and allowed to harden. The subject can either lie on his/her side or face up. The ear candle is inserted through a hole in a wax collecting plate or if not provided with the candle, you can use an aluminum pie tin or paper plate. Additionally a bowl of water can be placed underneath the candle as well.

Once lit the flame is suspected to create a negative pressure though the hollow candle and draw out debris and wax from within the ear canal. The subject should feel a warmth in their ear coming from the lit candle. Normally you would stop the flame at a certain point on the candle to avoid any harm or danger to the skin, face, ear or hair. Once removed from the ear a dark residue is normally seen at the end of the candle. For many this evidence is all that is required to show that ear candling works. However, you may also experience additional proof such as reduce blockage, increased hearing, decreased ringing, decreased pressure or soreness, or complete elimination of all previous symptoms.

Ear candling can be done at a spa, medical office, or even at your own home. An ear candling session can last anywhere from 15-45 minutes. Each ear should be done individually and never at the same time. If done at a spa or office additional amenities may be included such as massage, warmed essential oils, and heated beds. For use of at home kits always have someone with you to help you out. Never do ear candling by yourself for fear of burning oneself or dripping wax on your skin or in your ear. Proper precautions should be taken before starting any ear candling session. Recommended use of ear candles can average 1-2 times pre month for eliminating normal earwax buildup. Ear candles are available for purchase at health food stores and online. Most come with a wide variety of accessories such as plate guards, flame retardant clothing, ear oil and otoscopes.

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Sarah Labdar graduated with a BA in exercise science and has worked in the medical field since. Her focus is alternative medicine and how it interacts and works in conjunction with traditional medicine.

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  1. Removing Wax in Ears – I always had to go to an ear specialist to have a buildup of wax removed from my ears. When I went to another doctor a nurse told to me to get an eye dropper and a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide then when you go to bed the first night lay on your left side and drop a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide into your right ear. The next night lay on your right side and put a few drops into the left ear. The Hydrogen Peroxide will melt the wax. You will hear it sizzle but it sure will feel great when the sizzling stops.

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