Natural Eczema Remedies

Natural Eczema Remedies

Eczema which is a chronic skin disorder causes lots of discomfort to the sufferer. It is identified with itching rashes. It also causes oozing skin blisters. The cases of problems like asthma, hay, eczema or fever have been noticed frequently in the family members of the people suffering from eczema.

Huge numbers of people these days are opting for eczema natural remedy. This shift is generally due to two reasons:

* When other methods to cure eczema proves ineffective
* They intend to supplement their current eczema treatment


Probiotics also referred as “good bacteria” are considered helpful in suppressing potentially detrimental bacteria and in strengthening the digestive tract.

The usage of probiotics has been found effective not only in preventing eczema but also in the treatment of already existing problem of eczema.

Always seek the advice of a physician before taking probiotics. Children having immune deficiencies should take probiotics only under the supervision of a physician.

Herbal Creams and Gels

Gels and creams prepared from herbal extracts such as witch hazel (an astringent), licorice and chamomile have been found highly effectual in the alleviating eczema symptoms in the sufferer.

Similar to probiotics, it is crucial to use these topical herbal applications only on the advice of a qualified health professional. There are certain herbs such as chamomile that may lead to allergic contact dermatitis.

Gamma-Linolenic Acid

Another eczema natural remedy in a row is the application of Gamma-Linolenic Acids (GLA). It comprise essential fatty acid such as primrose and borage oil to name few. Deficiencies such as skin lipids responsible for inflammation can be cured by their usage and thus prove beneficial in curing eczema. However, there has been some controversy on the effectiveness of GLA.


It is counted among the best treatments for eczema. It can be had in cream, lotion or oil form. Choose the one and it must not be changed.

General Information and Tips on Eczema Natural Remedy

The most prominent thing in a case when one is suffering from eczema is to keep the skin moisturized. It is the base to keep the skin from any kind of skin itch and flare-up.

One should take an oatmeal bath which is an incredible natural treatment to cure eczema as well as to relax the sufferer. Oatmeal baths prepared from Aveeno, or from rolled oats give a very soothing effect to inflamed itching skin. These baths can be prepared easily at home by adding one or two cups of oatmeal into the lukewarm water. In case of more itching, increase the quantity of oats. Apply moisturizer on the damp skin after the bath to maintain its moisture.

Blueberries are also effective in keeping the problem of eczema at bay. One can look for the lotion having blueberries as ingredients. It aids in reducing the inflammation and itching related to eczema.

Eczema can also be brought under control by using skin wash prepared from natural ingredients. The recipe to prepare the skin wash is: take one teaspoonful of greasy elm bark and one teaspoon of white bark and blend it properly using two cups of water. Now let this blend boil for about thirty-five minutes and thereafter allow it to cool. Now apply this mixture on the affected skin as skin wash to clean. Itching may not be cured completely; however, it will reduce the problem to a great extent.

Yet another effective eczema natural remedy is the usage of Vitamin E. Use cream Vitamin E on the affected skin or take some Vitamin E supplements.

To conclude, there are numerous options available to treat eczema naturally. Though they are most often are safe to use; still it is best to use them on the prescription of a qualified health practitioner and do some thorough research beforehand.

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